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In december 2020 we had the first edition. In february 2021 there was version 2 and now it's time for the 3rd version of the CTP Power Up Challenge!

What is the CTP Power Up Challenge?

The idea of this challenge is to encourage you to create posts on ctptalk to earn ctp tokens but also to buy tokens on the market and create some volume there and to stabilize the amazing price of the token at the moment.

Another way to generate CTP tokens is to delegate Hive to the @ctpsb account. You will get two weekly dividends if you do it now!

The challenge will be won by the person who stakes the most CTP tokens during the challenge.

How to take part?

It's very easy to take part in this challenge. Write a comment below this post with a screenshot of your staked CTP tokens today. You can find your stake on several places:

  • on ctptalk under wallet
  • on ctp richlist
  • on leodex
  • on hive-engine under wallet

Make sure that the stake is clearly visible on the screenshot.

The screenshot will define your starting level. At the end of the challenge we will simply calculate the difference in your stake. The person who will have staked the most tokens will win the challenge!

To take part you need to write a comment below this post with a screenshot of the CTP stake of today. The earlier you take part, the longer you will have to build your stake.

How long will this challenge last?

This challenge will finish on Tuesday May 4th 2021 at 11h00 CET. At this time, we will take a snapshot of all the CTP token holders and calculate the increase of CTP Power for each participants.

What can you win?

At the end of the challenge, we will distribute some prizes in the form of CTPSB tokens. A total of 50 CTPSB tokens will be distributed. Everybody who takes part of the challenge, will get a prize. The more CTP tokens you stake, the bigger your prize. From experience, it's possible that the prize money increases during the challenge...

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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I will give it a shot. Not sure what Im getting into but it will fun to learn something new

ENTRY 11: @alente starts with 1205 CTP tokens staked

Thanks for taking part in this challenge!

In on the challenge. Let the staking begin

ENTRY 13: @jersteemit starts with 2143 CTP tokens staked

Thanks for taking part!

Please count me
Current power : 3 166.853


ENTRY 19: @harpreetjanda starts with 3'166 CTP staked

Nice to have you in the challenge!

I just realized that the challange has begun 😂

Count me in dear ^^
ctp power.PNG

ENTRY 25: @idiosyncratic1 starts with 394 CTP staked

Cool to have you in the challenge!

A little competition is always good, here is my starting point from my wallet in CTPTalk.

ENTRY 7: @maddogmike starts with 79'565 CTP

Cool that you take part!

Count me in and hold me accountable I said I would go for 10,000CTP this month!


ENTRY 12: @bitcoinflood starts with 3633 CTP staked

Let's see whether you get to 10k before the challenge ends ;-)

add me to @ctpsb I have 897.053 CTP ctp power


I have added you with entry 30!

Somehow, I missed the start of this. I figured I'd still see what I could do.


ENTRY 36: @theroad2freedom starts with 9291 CTP token staked

Thanks for taking part!


ENTRY 15: @kevinli starts with 19'154 CTP tokens staked

Thanks for taking part!

I'm in for the challenge!

Here's my starting amount:


ENTRY 1: @nickyhavey starts with 4134 CTP staked!

Thanks for taking part!

Out of interest, what was my starting stake from February's challenge? I think it was a lot less than this now right?! I was pretty shocked to see how much it had gone up in this time 😃

At the end of the second challenge you had 1619 CTP staked... You progressed quite well it seems ;-)

Wow! That's a bigger jump than I first thought! Thanks for checking, road to National Institution, here we go haha

Nice, this time I’m early :)

My starting point is 7925.927 ctp staked +2500 delegated.


As the delegation doesn’t show on hive-engine, I could cheat by undelegating later and make it look like a power-up.

So to be transparent I did make a screenshot on leodex.

ENTRY 2: @invest4free starts with 10425 CTP staked!

Cool to have you on board. Tokens that are delegated out are also counted for the challenge, since they belong to you.

Cool, thanks!

it's on.

thanks @achim03

ENTRY 3: @imfarhad starts with 28'101 CTP staked!

Thanks for taking part!

Thanks for running another CTP Power Up Challenge! I have 29 871.924 CTP staked:

Screenshot 2021-04-14 10.32.14 PM.png

ENTRY 4: @hirohurl starts with 29'871 CTP staked!

Great to have you with us again!

I am in. I remember seeing the post from before but forgot so I was staking my tokens everyday. I should definitely stake more than last time.

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ENTRY 5: @jfang003 starts with 478 CTP staked!

Thanks for taking part!

I'm in! Taking part with @khazrakh.cpt again, starting at 15,744.047 CTP


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ENTRY 6: @khazrakh.cpt starts with 15'744 CTP

Great to have you on board!

Let's gooooo!

Power Up Challenge #3!!!

Can't wait to see the results from this one!

Let's see how this one goes ;-)

this one is going to be epic.

I am in for the Challenge, Achim!

ENTRY 8: @lisamgentile1961 starts with 49'730 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

Good Morning, @ctpsb and Achim! You're very welcome and thank you for starting the contest again! Have a great Friday and Weekend😀

Made in Canva


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Oh, okay, I am definitely going to try for this. I have a feeling it won't go so well for me. Especially now that I see @nickyhavey is going for it too!

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Lol! We got this mate, who knows where we'll end up!

ENTRY 9: @bozz starts with 700 CTP tokens staked

Cool to have you on board for this challenge!

Thank you!

Count me in with my CTP curation account ph1102.ctp


Good luck everyone!

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ENTRY 10: @ph1102.ctp starts with 163'091 CTP tokens staked

Nice to have the CTP Whale taking part ;-)


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ENTRY 14: @filotasriza3 starts with 4542 CTP tokens staked

Nice to have you in the challenge!

Hi. Here my recent. Staked ctptokens


ENTRY 16: @adysscheryl starts with 2272 CTP staked

Great to have you on board!

Hi thank you. I got to read the the post again

Consider me in..
Current power is 17838...


ENTRY 17: @gurseerat starts with 17'838 CTP staked

Thanks for your participation!

I'm in. :)
14531 CTP staked at the start.
Looking forward to it.


ENTRY 18: @robwillmann starts with 15'431 CTP staked

Great to have you on board!

Really don't think I'll win this but I'm always trying. Will delegate some hive too.
Is theat Hive or Hive Power to be delegated?

Screenshot (1993).png

ENTRY 21: @successchar starts with 12403 CTP staked

Thanks for participating!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Let’s Go!!!
Sign me up man


ENTRY 22 @bigtakosensei starts with 1653 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

I'm in for the challenge by my ctp account @alokkumar121.ctp


ENTRY 23 @alokkumar121.ctp starts with 19'712 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

@rarej.ctp is ready to go!


ENTRY 24: @rarej.ctp starts with 3165 CTP Staked

Nice to have you in the challenge!

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My wax address is v3xbo.wam and I start with 16,654 ctp power

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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
296.447 CTP
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
16 654.000 CTP
(+235.000 CTP)

ENTRY 29 @fiberfrau starts with 16'654 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

although I cannot participate as I don't have these tokens, I appreciate initiatives like these and this one in particular! hope you will have to success you wanted to!

thanks a lot for your kind words!