Only 9 days to go!

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We are in the middle of the 3rd edition of the CTP Power Up Challenge and there are only 9 days to go in this challenge. You have two more days to create and curate content that you will be able to power up in the context of this challenge.

Of course you can also buy CTP tokens on the market or you can delegate Hive Power to the @ctpsb account and get weekly dividends in the form of CTP tokens!

Close to 2000 CTP tokens distributed

We have just paid the dividends to the delegators to the CTPSB project. We paid 1943 CTP tokens to all the delegators which represents an APR of 13.2%.

Check out the video for all the detailed numbers of the project

An exiting week ahead of us

In a couple of days, we will publish another updated ranking of the CTP Power Up Challenge. Like that you will be able to see where you stand.

Next week we will also make something totally new. We will auction CTPSB NFT's on the WAX blockchain. With WAX each NFT has a number and the very first NFT has a very special meaning and also a special value. We will auction the Number 1 Silver and the Number 1 Gold NFT. Put some WAX aside for that, or mine some TLM and exchange it into WAX.

All the proceeds of this auction will be used to buy CTP tokens that will be deposited in the @ctpsb.ctp account, the CTPSB pot. If you have 5 Gold NFT's or 10 Silver NFT's, you will be able to exchange them for 10% of the CTP that are in this pot!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Thanks for running CTPSB as it means and influences a lot in all the CTP tokenomics! I didn't participate in any auction on the WAX blockchain, so it will be fun to try it when you launch it!!

Have a great Sunday!

I'm looking forward to the auction. Hope there will be some participants :-)

Woww this is awesome 😎

Thanks God I have the first Silver NFT of CTP. The new pot incentive is amazing mate. Thanks for update ^^

Thanks for your feed-back. It's difficult to know if people are ready for it. Hopefully there will be some people taking part in the auction :-)

This looks very good.
I am waiting for the new list as i staked a good bit last week, hopping to jump a few ranks.
Good luck with new initiatives.

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I'm looking forward to seeing how much you staked and how your ranking will evolve :-).

I am waiting for the results as i staked 2500 tokens and have been accumulating them from a long time as i wanted to stake them as part of the competition.
Hopping to get nice bit of reward.

That sounds like a very good strategy. I don't believe that many people will be able to stake so many tokens.

Lol. I already have a Gold NFT so I think I will sit the auction out. I think I am a lot better than last time but I think I might try to make a few more posts before the end.

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You are the lucky one with a golden NFT :-). On the other hand don't forget that if you have 5 Gold NFT's you can exchange them for 10% of the pot... ;-)

Great incentives looking forward to the launch 😀

I'm sure it's going to be exciting :-)

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