How does the CTPSB Market Maker work?

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Last friday @aslehansen surprised us all with a huge investment of 2000 Hive into the CTP Swarm Booster. This doubled the owned Hive Power of the account and we have now almost 20'000 Hive Power to upvote your posts!

How does the CTPSB Market Maker work?

In the video I try to explain how the Market Maker (MM) will work once the tokens are emitted and the CTPSB token will be traded on Hive-Engine. The MM will be able to interact directly with the @ctpsb account according to the situation on the market. Each week the situation is analyzed and according to the thresholds that are triggered, one of four scenarios will be activated. This should allow to react to all market situations.

The next target: 6000 HP

Let's not forget that we have a third target to reach, which is 6000 Hive Power (delegations excluded). This will unlock another goody that will profit us all.

Only 9 days to go!

At the end of the month of september, the tabs will be closed. Everything that will have been contributed until then will be totalized and the according number of tokens will be sent to the different accounts. Please keep in mind that when you set a beneficiary, it takes 7 days until the post reaches payout. Therefore I advise not to put the @ctpsb account as beneficiary after the 23rd of september. Of couse you can still do it. In this case however you won't get more tokens but the value of all the tokens will be increased by it.

The tabs (21.9.2020 16h30 CET)


If you have delegated to the project and there is a 0 next to your name, it is because your delegation was made less than 8 days ago and therefore it couldn't generate any curation rewards that would be added to your tab. You will probably see the numbers increase in the next updates.

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Latest CTPSB news (23.9.2020 08h30 CET)


Next target: 6000 Hive

I sent you something today using the keychain. it was all i had right now hope you got.. I need to go find the marketplace again so I can buy more hive. or exchange it. thanks for posting this

Thanks a lot. I got it :-)

Congratulations on reaching dolphinhood.

Mainly thanks to you man!

Woo hoo!!! We all did it!! So awesome. Great job. 🙌🔥

A new dimension of teamwork!!! 💥

Congratulations @ctpsb!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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Update for regular authors

Glad you explained it. Zero scared me 🤣 after my 1K delegation. Lol.

Starting from the 25.9.2020, your delegation will generate 0.274 tokens per day. In order to profit from your own delegation and all the other delegations, I would suggest to transfer some Hive to @ctpsb before the end of the month. With the amount of delegations on the account, the leverage is quite interesting and the tokens will gain quickly in value.

Transfer? Or delegation? What's the difference?

For every hive that you transfer to @ctpsb, you will get 1 CTPSB token at the beginning of october.
When you delegate to the project, the curation rewards that your delegation generates will be credited to your tab until the end of September. In your case for 1K delegation, this will be 0.274 tokens per day.

At the beginning of october, the tokens are distributed and after that, everything that the account earns, is powered up and it increases the value of the tokens. Delegations will work as a leverage after that.

Let's take a little exemple:
In this example the account generates 10% curation rewards and 5000 tokens are distributed. However, thanks to the delegations the account has around 20'000 Hive Power. So after a year, it will have generated 2000 curation rewards. There will now be around 7000 Hive on the account for 5000 tokens. This means that the account (and the token) will have grown around 40%!

The more tokens you own, the more you can profit from this leverage.

Got ya. Thanks.

Can I transfer HBD?

HBD are fine, I'll exchange them on the market to power them up.

I did it myself, 79 Hive sent

Thanks a lot man! That's amazing! I've credited it to your tab.


your updates are so cool! Wow third target!!! 🎉🎉🎉 thank you for all that you do 😉👍🏼

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Thank you very much for your continuous support!

This is an amazing achievement in a very short amount of time. The ctpsb is going to be a super power in this community. I'm looking forward to see how this account grows into a whale before to long. lol

Thanks a lot for stopping by. It will probably take some time before it reaches the whale status but we have definitely have a perfect start!

Great progress! I just delegated 50 Hive. :)

Thank you very much for your support!

Yeah... Now everything is perfectly understood! :)

Just kidding... Actually, you have explained well... I have understood almost everything ;)

I think that we hit 5K!

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I have understood almost everything ;)

I'm happy to hear that. Maybe I make things a bit complicated lol. I try to explain one thing at a time but still it's sometimes a bit far fetched...

Thanks a lot for letting us pass the 5K mark! Wasn't @jongolson supposed to make a danse on camera if we got there by monday? I think @elianaicgomes set this challenge :-)

I had that in my mind when I did this contribution... lol... hahahahah

@jongolson, the stage is yours!

Oh it'll be epic!

Yessssss! I cannot wait!! @jongolson dances on cam!! The day before #HiveChat too!! 🤣🤣

ahaha was just saying Jon that!!
There will be dancing tonight on Crypto Mondays!!!

I'm looking forward for the recording tomorrow :-)

Great work Achim, I did not understand everything, but I think I got what the idea was anyways, keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I know it's a bit complex but the idea is to get the big lines of the concept.

Thanks to your explanations, I have a good idea of how all of this is working, but I will still tell you that I am grateful that we have people like you to do all those calculations and everything that goes into this project!

I take my hat off to you @achim03. Thank you for all the hard work and effort that you put in. It is really appreciated and I am sure everybody will agree!

Thanks a lot for your kind words :-)

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