We have reached the 2nd target!

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I know it's only one day ago that I made the latest update of the CTP Swarm Booster account but today I had no choice because we managed to reach the 2nd Target, which was to reach 2500 Hive Power ! We did not only reach this target... we left it far behind...

Check-out the video to see how we manged to get there... It's kind of special... In the video you will also be able to witness the unlocking of the second present!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Come on people. Let's get some traction into this account.
I hope I will not be the biggest stakeholder.

Man you got us quite by surprise... lol. I believe this will give some ideas to others! Thanks again for this amazing support!

I planned this from the beginning.
This is an opportunity that will not return after the end of this month.
That's why I decided to do it now.
And also the prize of hive is favourable.

Latest CTP news 19.9.2020 (09h30 CET)

  • we have reached the 2nd target (watch the video)
  • @pixiepost just contributed with 125 Hive
  • @jongolson contributed with 100 Hive
  • @jangle contributed 20 Hive
  • @cruisin contributed 1000 CTP that were staked !

Own Hive Power: 4896
Total Hive Power: 19000

Next target: 6000 Hive Power

Wow that is amazing, thanks @aslehansen for that contribution, and keep up your great work Achim.

Thanks Erik. A big thanks to you too for all you do for this community! Hope your schedule is clearing a bit now that Mike took over the luke is alive challenge.

Yeah I sure hope so, still quite a bit of catching up to do.

I'm sure that 6K will be reached... as a matter a fact, I know that it will... :)


You know something I don't know... lol

nah... just believe in this community... :)

yes, I agree. It will happen :)

That is amazing!! Great move @aslehansen & to everyone involved in this project! :)

We are going to make it to 5000 HP in no time! ;) This is getting exciting! 😀💜

I didn't expect such a move... let's see where we will get in the next 12 days :-)

@aslehansen is a legend! Awesome stuff man!

Let's see where this thing gets to....Pretty sure we are going to blow past 5k very soon!

That was the surprise of the day. Soon there will be an additional dolphin account in the CTP community !!!

❤️ This is fantastic! I've delegated and sent some hive your way as well :D

That's great. Thanks a lot for your support !

I saved your site. So I can look at it better. Yes I want to delegate need to make a little more. First. Sell some thing I suppose 🤣

That would be great! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

I was so excited that forgot to reply when I watched the video lol
This is the real proof that the CTP Swarm is the best community on Hive and beyond!!
And I'm proud to be part of it :)
Let's keep crushing!!

This is the real proof that the CTP Swarm is the best community on Hive and beyond!!
And I'm proud to be part of it :)

I couldn't agree more !

Fantastic, awesome sauce, stuff going on here. The future is bright indeed for us #ctptalk members. Loving it.

Thanks Bradley! It's amazing how this develops!


Hi Elizabeta, I'm seeing beneficiary rewards coming in from your posts!!! That's great

Yeah my mission is daily that.lol

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