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So far the CTP Power Up Challenge 3.0 has seen 24 participants signing up. You can still be part of it. Simply put a screen shot in a comment below this post that shows your present CTP stake. This will be your starting point for the challenge.

The objective is to stake as many CTP tokens between now and the May 4th. The winners will get CTPSB tokens as prize money. Check the initial post for all the details.

More than 2100 CTP tokens distributed

We have distributed more than 2100 CTP tokens as dividends to delegators of the CTPSB project.

Check the video to see all the detailed numbers of the week.

First ranking of the challenge coming soon

It's a bit early to make a first ranking for the challenge yet. Some people enrolled only a couple of hours before. We will publish the first ranking this week.

A surprise for you is coming..

To spice up this challenge, I have developed something for you. I will present it as well in the coming week. So stay tuned ;-)

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Is it too late to join?
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
296.447 CTP
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
16 654.000 CTP
(+235.000 CTP)

ENTRY 29: @fiberfrau starts with 16'654 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

I don't have much since I am new in Hive, but I keep them all staked.


ENTRY 27: @regenerette starts with 451 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part.

Thank you for doing this for us!blue_jewelry_holographic_foil_heart_7in175cm.png

I'll enter this account as well. :)



ENTRY 28: @threesteps starts with 298 CTP staked

Cool to enroll this account as well :-)

Glad to be a part of this one. Looking forward to it.

Is there an app of somewhere I can go to see all of my delegation, and manage them in one spot..

For Hive Power the easiest is to check your wallet on peakd.com. Click on the magnifing glass and it will show you all the incoming and outgoing delegations.


For Hive-Engine tokens, you need to check in the according front-ends.

Yea.. Maby some day we’ll get an app where we can see and manage everything in one place. Cos even on some of the front ends, even though they may be advanced in their own ways.. do not indicate to you who your are delegating to, just that you are delegating.. so it leaves a lot of personal responsibility and accounting to be required.

I kind of agree with you. It's tricky to find out about our hive-engine delegations. That would indeed be a nice step forward. Thanks for stopping by!

Keep crushing it you other 23 ;)

Haha, it's very nice to support the competition. We are in for a very healthy challenge ;-)

I think I am doing a bit better compared to last time. I have been powering up my daily earnings and its definitely more than last time since I am making some posts this time as well.

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I believe that your account has grown quite a lot since the last challenge. Powering up every day will just generate more curation and more rewards every day! If to that you add some posts... The sky is the limit ;-)

Hey @ctpsb although a bit late, I would also like to participate in this greate initiative and here is a snapshot of my CTP power today. I shouild have sent it a week ago... 😅


ENTRY 26: @pjansen.ctp starts with 14'842 CTP staked

It's nice to see you taking part!