CTP Power Up Challenge

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Some time ago, I was talking about starting a contest on CTP and then some other projects came into the way.

Today I would like to invite you to take part in the CTP Power Up Challenge

What is it?

The challenge is to power up as many CTP tokens between now and the 21st of december.

Why this challenge?

The idea of this challenge is to encourage you to create posts on ctptalk to earn ctp tokens but also to buy tokens on the market and create some volume there. The more volume we create, the bigger the chances that the CTP token will be included sooner or later in the HE-Index. This would be amazing because it would generate automatic demand for the token and increase its value.

Another way to generate CTP tokens is to delegate Hive to the @ctpsb account. You will get two weekly dividends if you do it now!

How to take part?

It's very easy to take part in this challenge. Write a comment below this post with a screenshot of your staked CTP tokens today. You can find your stake on several places:
on ctptalk under wallet
on peakd under wallet and hive-engine
on leodex
on hive-engine under wallet

Make sure that the stake is clearly visible.

What can you win? 20 CTPSB tokens !

On 21st of december, I will look up all the stakes of the people taking part in this challenge. I will then distribute 20 CTPSB tokens among all the participants according to the size of their power up. The more you power up, the bigger your share is going to be!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Fiberfrau has 13,500 today in CTP power

ENTRY 7: @fiberfrau is starting with 13500 staked CTP tokens

Welcome to the challenge!

Wow this is an amazing challenge Achim, and it will for sure create demand for CTP tokens.

I am in with my @flaxz.ctp account, and my current stake is 72000 CTP.


ENTRY 5: @flaxz.ctp is starting with 72000 CTP tokens staked

It's great you take part man. I appreciate :-)

We can sweeten the deal too!

Whatever people power up during the contest, we will match it with CTP delegation!

Whether they win or not! Everyone can win!

That is very generous! Thanks a lot this will spice things up :-)

Wow.... excellent...
What will be the time frame for delegation?

Not decided . Idea is as long you are active in CTP, you will keep it.

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Yup, I have no schedule for it. You power it up, I'll match it over the next 2 weeks.

thanks Jon.

That's a very generous offer. Thanks, Jon!

This is a great idea and initiative, Achim! Thanks for starting it!

Can I participate? :)

Good luck everyone!

Everybody is welcome to take part. Just post a screenshot of your account :-)

Account: ph1102.ctp

Screenshot from 20201210 125841.png

Trying to accomplish my goal of 150K staked CTP by the end of the year... I think I will fail to do it :)

ENTRY 9: @ph1102.ctp is starting with 142'197 CTP staked tokens

Great you take part man! Still possible 20 days left to reach your goals ;-)

This is a fun challenge. It will push me toward my CTP Dolphin Goal too.


Staked tokens in History.png

ENTRY 6: @lisamgentile1961 is starting with 41'190 CTP tokens staked

Thanks for being part of this challenge!

You're welcome, Achim! Entering today too.

This is just an amazing initiative Achim, and it will create a lot of value for the CTP token, thanks a lot for doing it and keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks a lot for your support Erik. I hope this is going to be fun and do something positive for the token :-)

I am in, I guess I should get posting....

Screenshot from 2020-12-09 22-27-14.png

ENTRY 8: @mytechtrail is starting with 20'769 staked CTP

Nice to have you onboard. You can post or curate or buy... the only thing that matters is how much you power up :-)

Nice initiative and I am in by my ctp account
alokkumar121.ctp with 12257 CTP holding. Thanks.


ENTRY 10: @alokkumar121.ctp starts with 12'257 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

Wow, this is a cool idea. So many people will get more CTP power from this contest. Here is my CTP power screen shot.

ENTRY 11: @maddogmike starts with 73'800 CTP tokens staked

Great to have you onboard!

hi Achim (@achim03),

Add me in.


let the games begin :-)


ENTRY 4: @imfarhad starting with 18001 CTP Stake

Thanks for being part of this!

Thanks for the initiative @ctpsb

I might be the smallest stake holder as i am just starting 😀😀

ENTRY 3: @harpreetjanda starting with 0 CTP Stake

You have actually at the moment 0 CTP staked. You can stake CTP on Hive-Engine or CTPtalk. Just stake the 127 that you have already and you will already make a big jump :-).
Thanks for taking part!

just staked 146 tokens.
Hope i did it right.


Well done. Your first CTP tokens are staked perfectly :-). Try to stake as many as possible until 21.12.2020

We all started at zero. Welcome!


ENTRY 1: @theroad2freedom starting with 6523 CTP Stake

Thanks for taking part!


I am in with 10115.308 CTP

ENTRY 2: @saachi starting with 10'115 CTP Stake

Great you take part!

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Great idea, Achim! I am in, too :)

Account: pixiepost

Screen Shot 20201210 at 9.24.56 AM.png

Screen Shot 20201210 at 9.27.32 AM.png

Good luck to everyone! :) 💜

ENTRY 12: @pixiepost starts with 61'521 CTP tokens staked.

The challenge is to see how added most CTP stake between now and 21.12.2020. So I took the standing before you powered up. This already counts :-). Thanks for taking part!

LOL Awesome...thank you! I think I got a bit too excited ha ha :) 🔥💚

Wow. Learned how to do a few things just by posting this screenshot!

Screenshot 2020-12-09 08.42.19.png

ENTRY 13:@bstan1955 is starting with 130 staked CTP

Thanks for taking part

Here is screenshot of my stacked tokens :

ENTRY 14: @rupinder is starting with 59 staked CTP

Great to have you on board!

Hello @ctpsb
I think i made a mistake. I though i need to stake the coins before my first post. I actually started with 0 stake.
i staked 59 coins after reading about this contest. Would it be possible to consider my entry with 0 ctp coin stack?
Attaching the screen grab of the day i stacked them.
Thanks a lot.

No problem. I've adapted your entry to 0 CTP. So you have already 59 CTP tokens staked :-)

Thank you very much 😀

My CTP stake for today 12/10/2020



Nice Lisa! On 21st of december, we will look at your stake at this moment and see how much you managed to stake between your first screen shot and then. Keep on staking!!!

Consider me in ....

Before power up...


After power up...

Staked 495 token... a few token aesy from 10k target...😀😃😀💪💪

ENTRY 15: @gurseerat starts with 9491 staked CTP tokens.

Staking 495 tokens gave you already a big boost for the ranking! Thanks for taking part.

Hi ? I actually sent more then once but this my photo-before I sent it for second time not sure it looks right . i sent more before the 50. it like 60 and Thanks so much . sure don't mind doing this

ENTRY 16: @adysscheryl is starting with 1294 CTP staked tokens

Hi checked your account and I took as a starting point the staked tokens before you made the power ups. Like that you have already powered up 113 CTP tokens! Nice to have you taking part!

Important: You don't need to stake these tokens to @ctpsb but to your own account :-)

So I miss understood this video then I have never staked to own account https://ctptalk.com/hive-119826/@jongolson/zdjqshhr

It's not a lot but I staked for this challenge.



ENTRY 23: @nikoleondas is starting with 7 CTP staked tokens.

Nice you already made a power up. Already 8.9 CTP added :-). Thanks for taking part!

### My CTP token stake for today 12/12/2020



Well done lisa!

Thank you, Achim! Enjoy your day! Getting ready to post today's CTP stake.😃

My CTP Token Stake for Today 12/13/2020



My CTP Tokens stake for 12/14/2020



I love these contests! Always ready to earn ctp!
Screenshot 852.png

ENTRY 32: @successchar starts with 5794 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part

I forgot to post my Stake from yesterday 12/15/2020



Great to see you powering up Lisa. No need to post screenshots each time, I will look at your account at the end of the challenge to see how much you powered up in total :-)

Okay! Thanks, Achim! 😄

My staked tokens for today 12/16/2020. Didn't want to forget again.

My CTP token stake for 12/17/2020



My CTP Token Stake for 12/17/2020



I wanna take part of this

mi ctp.jpg