We have paid about 25$ worth of dividends this week

in The CTP Swarmlast month

Today we have paid a record value of dividends to all the delegators to the CTPSB project. Every week people who delegate Hive Power to the @cptsb account recieve dividends in the form of CTP tokens. This week the value of these dividends was record high because of the high price of the CTP token.

ctpsb dividends_play.jpg

Watch on Lbry (3speak wasn't working at time of posting)

Token value is increasing even faster

Every week we see that the return on the CTPSB token value is increasing a bit faster. This is also the case this week. The token increases now at a rate of around 73% per year! This is about 1 percent more than last week.

You will find all the detailed numbers in the video

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Cheer !wine
I can't delegate HP, but I will do CTP Powering Up as I able.

No problem, you can also buy CTPSB tokens to profit from this project.

Thanks for the wine :-)

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WINE Current Market Price : 1.100 HIVE

Token value is increasing even faster

This week was quite profitable for CTP hodlers 😎
We may even realize an uptrend on the price action on Hive-engine.
#CTP does it 😌

More and more people are getting aware of the token and there is very little liquidity on the market. It's a good time to hodle them :-)

Nice Work Achim.
Return delegation > 23% APR is also great .
But something got broke in doing payment for 100HP delegation because they received 3 CTP instead of 3.6 CTP.

Hi @saachi,
I actually ask my spredsheet to round the amounts so that I send only full amounts of CTP. I only pay with decimals for dividends lower than 3 CTP. I have to do like that because I do all the paiements by hand and it takes me a huge amount of time to enter all the decimals. I will need to double check if the rounding is done correctly though. If there is a mistake there I will adapt it for next week.

Rounding is correct. Time to increase the delegation.😀 😀

I checked it out and I will change it for next week. It's a bit arbitrary to limit decimals to below 3 CTP. Especially now that CTP is gaining in value and that half a CTP can quite make a difference :-). Of course an increase of delegation would be very welcome 😉

This project man....Keeps blowing me away!

So cool to be a part of it and seeing the CTP token itself growing as a side benefit of all the work this community is doing.

Awesome stuff!

Thanks a lot for all your support for this project. It's great to see how it affects the CTP token in a positive manner as well.

This account is really growing! Saw my share of that this morning, Thank you very much!

You are welcome. Thanks a lot for supporting this project!

a beautiful sight!

Thank you!

Was that the record last week? Next stop 30% ROI :)


Yes that was the highest so far but the ctp price explains a lot of it LOL

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Glad to hear that the token is increasing in value. It's making my original investment look smarter and smarter. 😁

It was definitely a very smart investment 😉

Great. Having Videos on 3speak was great. I don't know while odysee uses a blockchain or not. :)

I believe that odysee is based on the lbry network that also uses a blockchain and IPFS but I'm not 100% sure. You can earn LBC tokens on odysee.

Yes, Odysee is the new interface for Lbry.tv... I still use Lbry though. You'll earn LBC in both cases. Lbry.tv is built on Ethereum, I believe.

Okay, I delegated 500 HP to @ctpsb... but you may want to edit this post to include the right tag, or at least for future update posts-- you have @cptsb above (check it out). I hope I delegated to the right account! lol

I saw the delegation, thanks a lot. You will get weekly dividends paid in the form of ctp tokens. We pay the dividends manually on sundays or mondays. Thanks a lot for your support!