The CTPSB project is almost 6 months old

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During the month of September 2020, the whole CTP community has pooled Hive together to create this @ctpsb account. At the end of the month, for every hive contributed, people would get one CTPSB token. All the collected hive would be powered up in the @ctpsb account.

This account would then upvote and curate the posts of the CTP community. Thanks to curation rewards, author rewards and also beneficiary rewards, the account has grown and grown over time to become a real pillar for the CTP tribe.

Would you like to know how much you could earn with CTPSB?

If you had invested 1$ worth of hive in September 2020, you would have a yearly return of.....wait for it.... 592%!!!!

Check-out the video for more details

A big thank you to everybody who is supporting this amazing project!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Wow.. excellent work...
The returns are are awesome...
Thanks for the project and efforts you are putting in project...
Loving it....
Thank for sharing...

Thanks a lot for your amazing support! We are all working together on this one :-)

IF you'd asked me how long ago CTPSB started, I don't think I would have remembered it had been that long. WOW! How time flies.

You've been doing a great job with the CTP Swarm Booster and I have confidence that the @liotes project will have similar growth.

Time definitely flies by, especially when you can't do much and most of the days look alike ;-)

This is even more than I expected when investing into the project I knew there would be an advantage to be early but not this much of an advantage.

I think when we take gas fees into consideration and the fact that the cub den will be the lowest yielding of all the defi options on cubfinance over time,
I think an investment in CTPSB might be a better option in the long run.
But that is of course left to be seen, Cub could moon like crazy and be a better option anyway.

CTPSB is a good high yield saving anyway and has shown to be steadily go upwards almost every day.
So you wont be going wrong with investing in CTPSB I think.

So I will wish CTPSB good luck for the next 6 months, and hope that they will be just as good or even better than the previous ones.

(PS: This is not financial advice.)

There are some metrics that are not under our own control, like the hive price and also the return might not be so high all the time. What I find exceptional however is that it's a very low risk investment where all your investment is backed by Hive Power.

As you said, it's the perfect high yield savings account :-). Thanks a lot for your trust into this project! Hopefully the next 6 months will be as good or even better ;-)

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Very nice APR and I don't think I was on HIVE at that point in time. I personally think its better to consider returns in HIVE because looking at dollar value is a bit misleading. If we run into a bear market (which tends to happen after a bull market) then people will only see things as a lost.

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I totally agree with you. It's just a snapshot in time and even tomorrow the return could look totally diferently when expressed in $. However I believe that 76% APR is quite a nice return for hive investments.

Yes 76% is great for an investment. In fact I think anything above 10% is great since it generally maintains the value of your investment even if inflation happens.

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I only found out about it a little bit ago and ended up picking up a few shares. From what I understand this also gives you a vote each day?

The voting is not directly linked to holding tokens. The account votes on the members ranked in the CTP Swarm. To qualify, people need to post regularly in CTP and have some CTP tokens staked... You fullfil both conditions easily and I will gladly add you to the Swarm ;-)

Awesome thank you!

damnnn 592% return, that's freaking awesome

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Well, if Hive goes down a little bit, it already looks different ;-). The organic growth of 76% APR in Hive is quite amazing I believe.

Hi there CTPSB,

I was wondering if I qualify for CTPSB upvote if I posted on CTP Swarm? Also I could not find this info in the CTPSB Website or your post in regards to delegating CTP to CTPSB. Are there any returns to delegating CTP tokens to CTPSB?


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Thanks a lot for your comment. I checked your profile and you fullfil both requirements (having some CTP staked and posting regularly with the CTP tag). I've put you on my list and I will add you next time I make an update.

Are there any returns to delegating CTP tokens to CTPSB?

We pay dividends to people who delegate Hive to CTPSB. When delegating CTP tokens there is no direct dividend but actually the CTP will be upvoting your own posts along with the ones of the community.