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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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What am I going to accomplish this week? Good question.

  • engage with 5 hive community members that I do not see currently posting on CTP
  • I normally make 3 posting per week, I want to increase that to 4. I have already made 2 so I should be able to achieve this. Actifit posts do not count toward this target
  • This is my first week on Actifit, so I want to post at least 5 of the 7 day
  • Participate in each of the CTPChats and help others by making value add comments.
  • Improve my knowledge of three of the hive family tokens
  • Continue to build the earning power of my hive account
  • Increase followers by 5 hive members

I saw you crush 10,000 steps on ActiFit....So awesome!

I FINALLY hit 10k yesterday for the first time in years.

That's awesome!!

Thanks. I live out in the country. When they shut everything down, we started walking. Today a neighbor came over and walked with me. It has become a habit. Keep going at it and it will become a habit for your as well.

Excellent goals, and congrats on your 10K steps!!

You have a nice task list for the week here!
And I'm sure you will get it all done!
Awesome to see you on Actifit!
I will add you to some boosts Actifit has for sale to get extra AFIT tokens :)

I am stretching a bit on the tasks but I think they can be achieved. Thanks. I really appreciate the boost.