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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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Question: I noticed that several post have been "reblogged". What is the purpose of reblogging and in what instances should I reblog?


It's like ReTweeting on Twitter.

So sharing someone's content on your feed.

I do it sparingly, but will retweet good content and CTP related things.

Reblogging is something, so many misunderstand. I have seen hive blogs where it is almost all reblogs. You should only reblog when you see an article that you think your followers would really benefit from. you never want to reblog more than a 3 to 1 ratio for every 3 of your articles you can reblog 1, and have you profile page look credible :-)

Some accounts are like bots to reblog to get your post to be seen by more people. I actually delegated some hive to an account that reblogs my posts just to see if it's worth it or not.
But yeah there are also people that still think that they earn something from it I guess lol

That is too funny lol, Please keep me informed on the results you get from having your posts reblogged 😀

Reblog is something like Retweet on Twitter or the Share on Facebook, but for Hive posts
Reblog a post from someone is to bring awareness of that post to your followers. It is a nice way to support a blog post/author that you like or to promote something that you believe and someone talked about it.
For the author can be an opportunity to have more "traffic" to their post, which can bring more engagement, followers, and upvotes.

This is a great question @darmst5339. Reblogging for me is kinda personal. I like to reblog content I comment on as well as things I want to get back to. And I like to share the content that I like and find useful to me as well as supporting others. So my blog is full of reblogs . If I want to see just my blogs I just click where it says post and you can do that for others too. It brings up just their posts.


This is great validation for me.
I have only reblogged posts that I felt were important information for people who follow me.
I only do it sparingly also.

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