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Hello all you wonderful people!

June 28 is International Body Piercing day, or as they should call it "international freak your mom out day". lolz

This is the day that we take time and try to understand, along with recognize body piercing and modifications. While some of us may have different personal feelings on the topic, a lot of individuals and cultures embrace this form of self-expression. Today is about awareness about the cultural and safety standards along with educating ourselves on the topic.

This date was picked as it's the birthdate of Jim Ward. Mr.Ward was a pioneer in the world of professional body piercing and opened one of the first professional body piercing Studios called "Gauntlet". This was in the sunny state of California in 1978.

He did a lot to revolutionize the world of body piercing As a way of honoring his contribution, June 28th, his birthday, is now international body piercing day!

In honor of this tradition, for the challenge let's all go out and get our septum pierced! ... ... ... Jk. but that does bring us this week's challenge!

Body piercing level : Advanced!

We all have different thoughts and opinions about body modification and body piercing. Something think it's horrible and some think it is beautiful. Much like freedom of speech, freedom of personal expression is important. Body modification, piercing and such is one forum of personal expression so lets embrace it.

This week's challenge

  • Make a buzz and let us know your thoughts onbody modification or piercing.

  • Do you have a body piercing or modification? Share with us a photo and tell us about.:D

  • Use the hashtag #Internationalbodypiercing

  • Share a link to that Buzz in the comments below.

  • Bonus points if you use the Buzz to Twitter future as well ;) .

Learn more about this Festival on this webpage : HERE

Thank You


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Thank you, and have a great week!

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