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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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After a week focused on writing my Ebook for CTP Blueprint, is time to get back to...
More writing!
I've been only posting my Actifit Reports and that is turning into a comfortable habit, so I need to get into writing other posts like before!
Not to mention more secret writing for cool secret projects ;)
Bless also CTP Chat for keeping me up last week!
Hope to give this corner the attention it deserves!


I enjoy reading your writing. :-) I am trying to get better at it but I hate words, I am better with numbers. I know practice helps. If it wasn't for the CTP teams encouragement, I would not even be writing posts at all.

I know!! Numbers are so happy and safe, way beyond the reach of interpretation. 2+2=4 that will always be true, for what ever reason I find that so much more comfortable than words that can be changed with interpretation.

Thank you and I hear you. I always had a thing for writing but also had the fear of what people would think of it.
I'm not afraid anymore and also I try not to force myself. If I don't come up with anything to write on that day just because I'll just come here to chat lol

I am super lagging on Actifit, (shame) It is weird no matter how much I write it is never enough lol. Thanks for being a Mentor :-)

Super secrrrrret!!!!