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Congrats to Jenn (@pixiepost).

Here's a bit of family history. My daughter got involved in theater around the age of five (she played Molly in "Annie" and her grandfather played FDR). A little later we were actually in a production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" together (she had the leading role of "Beth" and I played...her father!). She loved theater so much growing up that she went on to major in Theater in college. My favorite theater production is any one that she is involved in.


Thank you so much @familyhistory! I appreciate you. :) It's funny I used to act a bit in high school and community college. It was fun but a lot of work lol. 💕

Yes...It definitely takes commitment. Between learning your lines, blocking, rehearsals, and performances, it requires quite a bit of time. Plus you have costumes and props to deal with, entrances and exits to be aware of, and remembering your cues. A lot of things go into a production behind the scenes that most people don't realize. But, you're is a lot of fun.