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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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I am a wife. Since I understand programming and economics and math and such, crypto was not a problem for me. If I tried to explain it to my "normal" female friends, I would use a shopping analogy. Your crypto accounts are a gift card. What you can do with that gift card depends on the store prices that go up and down. You try to buy on sale. Then hold on till the stuff you bought is "vintage" and valuable.

As for the digital aspect of it, you take actions and get rewarded. People create tokens and give people a reason to value them. I don't know why people who use a Starbucks card claim crypto is some mysterious stuff.

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That is a great analogy... Like your explanation very much!!!


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I think that you are right that the explanation has to be gender relevant. The way I know my wife is that if I don't manage to catch her interest from the beginning, she will just give it up. I'm trying to come up with the minimum input with maximum effect :-)

Thanks a lot for your amazing comment!


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