My Easy Traffic - Day 26 - Luke Is Alive Highlights And Rankings - Plus Daily Prize Drawing - #LukeIsAlive - #7DaysTraffic

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My Easy Traffic - Day 26

So this is my way of sharing how I generate traffic each day using 2 very simple strategies to get more traffic for less time over a longer period, and complementing each other.

It is also where I highlight posts and videos for the weekly and daily #LukeIsAlive traffic generation contest.

As is stated in the I Am Alive ebook to qualify you need to find Luke at least once and make a post or video about it on CTPtalk.

Luke is part of the Scavanger Hunt in ClickTrackProfit, he is alive and moves around, and he needs your help to build your list by finding him, and here is a picture of Luke The Listbuilder.

Screenshot from CTP

Luke Is Alive Highlights And Rankings

As part of the #LukeIsAlive contest we are running a weekly drawing on Saturdays, and also a daily drawing the other days of the week.

The prizes for the weekly drawing has 3 winners, first prize gets 1000 CTP tokens, second prize gets 500 CTP tokens and third prize gets 200 CTP tokens, and each winner can only get 1 prize per week in the weekly drawing.

The daily drawing has 1 winner and the prize for this is 200 CTP tokens.

Funding for this is provided with 1000 CTP tokens per week for the weekly drawing by @jongolson, and we have been given 2000 CTP in total so far.

Contributing both to the weekly and daily drawings is @bradleyarrow who has donated 1200 CTP tokens in total and will continue to contribute when he can.

The rest of the funds are provided by me, and I will continue to do so the best I can, and total prizes paid out, both from my contribution and all other contributions, is 5250 CTP tokens.

To enter this drawing you get tickets by finding Luke, and you get 1 ticket for each time you find him, and for each time you complete the Scavanger Hunt by finding him 5 times in a day you get 1 ticket extra in addition to the 5 you already got by finding him 5 times.

This means you can get a maximum of 6 tickets for the weekly and daily drawings each day, and in addition to this you can also get 1 extra ticket, one time, if you create a ClickTrackProfit account without having one before.

Here you can see the current rankings and latest posts.

NamePost TodayTickets TodayTotal Weekly Tickets
@bradleyarrowNo post024
@maddogmikeIMG_20200522_172208.jpg Today Was Day 19 Proving That #LukeIsAlive636
@elianaicgomesNo post026
@lisamgentile1961IMG_20200522_172543.jpg Day 21 -- #LukeIsAlive -- Go Find Him!636
@howyf2IMG_20200522_172820.jpg Luke is alive day 14 May 21 2020636
@rcaineNo post030
@mspbroNo post01
@bonnie30IMG_20200522_173227.jpg Luke is Alive66

Screenshots from CTPtalk

Good Luck!

Daily Prize Drawing

So this is a gif of the daily prize drawing, based on the daily tickets from today.


Congratulations to the winner, your 200 CTP tokens has been paid out.

Screenshot from Hive-engine

#LukeIsAlive - Go Find Him!

Today I found Luke 1 time in High-Hits, and here are some screenshots made into a gif picturing that.


In this TE, owned by @mickowen, I found Luke at just over 50 pages surfed.

I am still collecting data as I go to evalute the performance, subscribers to my list is what counts.

That was my #LukeIsAlive for today.

#7DaysTraffic - Traffic Leverage

The 7 Days Traffic is made to build traffic leverage, and the basis is the Weekly Schedule I used for #2020vision, but with one tool switched out, and with more focus on generating traffic.

I will make a new schedule for this soon.

Today I surfed for traffic in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM, and here you can see a gif with screenshots picturing a small part of that.


In this Mailer, that is owned by @ghcamry, I clicked just over 30 emails today, and then sent out a mailing.

I have got a few subscribers to my list using it and will continue to do so.

That was my #7DaysTraffic for today.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Congrats Mike!
I had a lot of stuff going on and missed Luke :(
I'll try do it today!
Good luck for tomorrow!

Thank you Eliana

Yeah I know, time is a very limited resource, stay awesome.


congratulation dear @maddogmike. ♥♥

Thank you

Yeah congrats to Mike, he's a great and lucky guy.


🎁 Hi @mspbro! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @flaxz!

@flaxz wrote lately about: I Am Alive - Day 50 - Quick Update - #Iamalivechallenge - #Hiveisalive Feel free to follow @flaxz if you like it :)

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Yay I won, Thanks for the tokens Erik.

Would be great if more people would take advantage of this and get paid for getting traffic to their sites.

Congratulations Mike, and yes I think the word will spread the more we do this, and I have plans to make an ebook just for #LukeIsAlive too, just need the time to do it lol.


🎁 Hi @maddogmike! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @flaxz!

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way to go mike keep finding Luke :)

Yeah congrats to Mike, and keep up your awesome work Howard.


🎁 Hi @howyf2! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @flaxz!

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Missed another day. Back to it tomorrow. Good luck all.

Yeah take care of your mother-in-law and come back in full force tomorrow, stay awesome.


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