Sharing My dCITY - Investing As Beginner

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I just started a dCITY and this is how it went from a big mess to a smaller mess.

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Hi there and welcome to my blog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz.

Sharing My dCITY - Investing As Beginner

So a lot of Hivers has gone into, this is an investing kind of card game simulating a city, and as it is not taking too much time I decided to jump in.

Starting out I might not have made the best investments, and as I got a lot of Hive from Coinbase earn which I shared a few days ago, I decided to buy about 50/50 1st Edition and 2nd Edition cards, which made things a bit unbalanced with a massive lack of workers.

After that I have got more workers with Worker and Workers cards, plus also a massive increase in Basic Homes.

This means that employment is now in balance, though I have to keep focus a bit forward on reducing the Crime Rate which is now at 13%, plus also get some more Job Centers to train Homeless which I bought at the very start since they where cheap lol. 🤣😂

But slowly things start to get into balance I think, and then I will keep growing things while focusing on keeping that balance.

Here is my dCTIY right now.

Screenshot from dCITY

In addition to this I also have Technology with Police Equipment and GMO Farming.

So I am basically trying things out and see what happens and then adjusting as I go, and going forward I will keep it a priority to grow Population and Income while keeping a balanced city.

So that was my beginner investment in dCITY, a bit of a mess but cleaning it up quite well, I hope.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope you liked it and leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Looking really good now. 311 is not a bad income either, that's almost half a new card daily. That crime rate can get really hard to keep down. Especially if you start getting more casinos.

Nice move on the job centers though. Those homeless will be even more useful very soon.

Thanks a lot for really great advice, more Police Stations and Gyms are coming soon then, plus already working on the tech for police, keeping crime down and income up seems to be key here.


Getting income up should be the main focus in the beginning. I personally leave the acquisition of gyms, police stations and tech cards to chance, for now. Until I think I have the spare income to buy them.

Yeah the thing is that when it got so unbalanced with buying all those random cards I think I will make sure to keep things balanced while increasing the income.

The buying random cards and then buying cheap basic homes on market is the way to go. :D

Lol you might be right about that, farms seems to be good also.

Crime rate is a bummer. No matter what I do, the crime rate is is always creeping up :)

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Yeah, it becomes a real problem once your city gets bigger.
I think some of the top 100 guys have an 80% crime rate. But thankfully the cap is 400 SIM that can be stolen, so it doesn't matter as much the higher you get.

Only solution now if you really want to get rid of crime, is stocking up on police stations and gyms, getting the tech cards and avoiding casinos.

I already tried that. I have 10* police stations and gyms. I managed to reduce the crime rate to 0 but then with the purchase of other cards, the rate is going up again. May be I will have to live with it and try to increase the SIM income.

Lol, that's the spirit. Become filthy rich so the penalties don't matter.

Yep. That's how we roll 🤣🤣

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Welcome to the club. dCIty is a gem of a game on Hive platform. I really enjoy it. Looking forward to see your strategies in earning more and managing your city.

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Thanks a lot man, and for your great advice, I will be working on growing as I keep crime down and income up, let's see if that balance can be accomplished.


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I do not have any casino,bank and shopping mall in my main Dcity. so I do not need to take care of crime rate at all.

Mine is a small Dcity, loss of 75 SIM is considerable for my Dcity income.

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Thanks Rajat, I will look into those and see how to proceed.


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Very nice. Just started playing dCity myself this week. Good to learn from 'mistakes' others made.

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Thanks, yeah it became quite unbalanced after buying a lot of random cards lol, but great that it is more balanced now, have an awesome new week.


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hello dear friend @flaxz good afternoon
Apparently you are having a lot of fun while you gain knowledge, I have no doubts that you are going to fight crime and make a profitable city. I really appreciate that you let us know about this situation
have a wonderful afternoon

Thanks a lot @jlufer, yeah hopefully it will go well, and it's a bit more urgent to fight crime now since they just introduced the Criminal card, and if I get that he will rob me on a daily basis lol, but I will make sure to get it right I hope.


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Glad to see you on dCity. Hope you like and enjoy it.

Thanks man, I am sure that I will, and thanks for all the great tips.


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