#ThriveOnHive - My Daily Hive Report #2 - #2020vision Day +33

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My Daily Hive Report #2

This is my post today on Hive: #ThriveOnHive - Hive Update For My Mailing List - Plus #2020vision Day +33


  • Hive Update For My Mailing List - Where I write about what my move to Hive means for them.

  • 2020Vision Day +33 - Where I surf 4 ads in Listsurfing, captured with screenshots.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this report, leave your thoughts in the comments on Hive, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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You have made a great trick creating here on STEEM (CTPTalk) and pointing to other post, avoiding double post... I LIKE IT :)

Maybe I will use similar tactics.. :)

Thanks Zoltan, yeah I made some brainstorming to try and do posts on CTPtalk while not feeding JS, this is the compromise I came up with, stay awesome.

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