Outgrew the 10K CTP tokens milestone! And yet, I'm not one of the big stakers of CTP.

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I've been with CTPTalk tribe and its token CTP since the beginning.

Unlike most on Hive (then Steem), I had the advantage of knowing Jon (and his partner Blain) for years.

While I couldn't know if CTPTalk would be adopted or not by users already on our blockchain, I knew they already have a niche and they are well known there. And Jon has brought new members in relentlessly. And would continue to do so, I'm sure of it.

So I trusted CTP token would be fine, unlike many others which faded away. Especially when Jon announced they will integrate it into their business and create a tool to do the same for their partners' businesses. Both of these happened already for some time. But just in case you would have expected the price to take of, this is a pretty small niche, we are not talking about Etherium whales.

Today I outgrew one of my milestones: 10K CTP tokens.

More precisely, I have 10,011 and a fraction. Plus some rewards to claim today.


Even when I posted daily, I haven't published regularly in the CTPTalk tribe, which explains why I'm not higher on the 'rich list', even though I sold very few CTP tokens over time.

To make the final push over the 10K milestone helped a curation trail put together by my friend Zoltan, otherwise known as @ph1102, who is a whale on CTP. This is his hive.vote trail, if you want to check it out: ph1102.ctptrail.

Next stop for me 20K CTP. :)

Although in the meantime I will most likely be glad to have reached another target. Same amount, 10K, different token: Hive (Power). Now I have 9,667 HIVE powered up in my main staking account, so getting really close to that milestone.


No matter how many CTP tokens you have or where you are on the rich list, doesn't matter! You are one of us! You are part of the CTP Swarm Family!
And we will support you :)
And that's an awesome milestone!
It's not easy to catch up with everyone's great posts (guilty!), so I'm really grateful for @ph1102 and @bradleyarrow's curation trails!
Plus @achim03 CTP Swarm Booster which is also a way to help each other!
Soon our pretty small niche will be a pretty huge niche!
Slow and steady!
Thank you for your trust :)

Thanks Eliana! Yes I know our tribe is VERY supportive and I'm grateful for that!

Thanks for listing the other initiatives of Bradley and Achim.

Shouldn't @gadrian be in the CTP Swarm ranking? I believe if somebody has 10K staked CTP that largely qualifies...lol

Guess it's time to celebrate another Dolphin soon 🤣

Thanks for the mention 😁 and of the trail.

Yeah... we are here to do the dirty work and make you guys more money! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Just kidding... Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the mention, @gadrian! I will work for you hard to make you reach that 20K! hehehe...

Would like to see more of your great posts here, but I do understand that you have a lot of stuff on your plate...

Nice to see your post and celebrate your 10K together!

I will work for you hard to make you reach that 20K! hehehe...

Luckily that means we work for each other as a community. But I know how much time manually curating takes, and I truly appreciate your effort.

Would like to see more of your great posts here

Less often also means more detached, potentially with a clearer view than someone who is 100% focused on something. I realized that a while back when commenters to my posts pointed out to me things about Hive (Steem then) or an app I used and their perspective was definitely less involved but some points were valid, because the view was broader.

Congrats on hitting the 10k CTP token milestone and almost having 10k HP, those are major milestones. Keep it going you will be at 20k in no time.

Thanks, yup, it's been a fun ride so far and I'm sure it will be fun down the road too.

Wow you are making huge leaps & bounds! :) Congratulations on the 10K! That is quite a milestone & I have no doubt you will make the 10K in Hive sooner than you think ;)

I am also a part of the curation trails as well as @achim03's swarm booster and I can tell they are definitely worth it! I have seen a difference already & the best part of it all is it helps the whole community grow stronger. The support we have is unmatchable & this will just make it all the better.

Glad to see you doing so well! We are cheering for you :)

You are absolutely right, @pixiepost! The support of the community is invaluable for a member to grow. From advice to comments and votes, they all matter.

And what I like about CTP tribe is that it always brings in and trains new members, much like the core business does.

Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words!

Congratulations on achieving this milestone! I've just realised that I had kind of forgotten to add you to the CTP Swarm. I corrected my mistake. Sorry about that :-). I've added you with your posting account even though you would qualify as dolphin already. Being part of the CTP Swarm has the nice advantage that your posts can be upvoted by the @ctpsb account.

Thanks Achim and no problem! I wasn't active in the community and it's understandable to miss me out. I've just delegated some spare HP to your CTP project. Good luck with it!

Thanks a lot for the support! It will even earn you some tokens :-)

Cool! But most importantly is that the project succeeds on the long term. Then it will help everyone involved.

Always awesome to see you chat about CTP man, because you know the history and have been there since day one.

Thanks for all the support over the years but more importantly, congrats on hitting 10k :)

Thanks Jon! It was about time, the last few hundreds took forever, like I was finishing to climb a mountain. And it could have been so easy... just a few clicks. But frankly, I prefer the climb, the journey. :)

celebrate the small victories and celebrate the milestones.
10K is a milestone.
Well Done.

U earned it, and should be proud of the efforts.
On to 20K
we look forward to it.

Thanks Andrew! Yup, I'm sure glad to have reached this milestone and of small daily victories as well. Looking forward to 20K too! :)

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