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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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I haven’t really tried to explain crypto to anyone yet since I’m so new to it myself. I would try to use simple analogies to make it fit something they were already familiar with. I have found this helps keep people’s attention too. For example;
Imagine you are a kid with a box, and in that box you keep candy bars. You have a friend who lives in the next town over, that also has a box for candy bars. Your friend calls you and says they just bought two new toys, and they will give you one of them if you give them 1 candy bar. You can’t get to your friend because they are so far away, but your next door neighbor goes over there all the time. They say they will take the candy bar over, and bring the toy to you, if you give them 1/2 a candy bar. You give them 1 and 1/2 candy bars, they keep half a candy bar, give 1 to your friend, and bring you the toy. That’s basically how crypto works. You have your box or wallet of coins you agree to send someone else coins for something, and you pay a fee to someone else to move the coins from your box to someone else’s. From there you can move into talking about bigger concepts like decentralization, and supply and demand.


I like your analogy. It's definitely a big challenge to explain crypto to a newbie. In my opinion the key point is where to start. How to keep the person interested from the beginning.

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