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RE: The Honey Pot - 30 July 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries

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Congrats @pixiepost :)

Well, it's not so much the theater play as the bonding moment that we share. The latest one was the Phantom of the Opera last year at Solaire Resort & Casino. My daughter waited 7 years to watch it again. She was much younger when they first came, so we weren't able to watch that time. Last year, her dream was fulfilled.

almost the weekend once again.... yehey!


Thank you @iamraincrystal! You won, too! YAY We did good today! LOL 😁💜

Indeed we did 🤗🤗 happy weekend to you!!

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To you, too, girl! I can't believe it's here already lol. 😊💛