kindness, support and encouragement can do wonders. - #IAAC

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A gesture of kindness and encouragement can do wonders to the people who are new to blogging and curation.

Many join hive everyday and most of them find it difficult to start or place themselves and eventually leave

But, it doesn't mean that they are left alone. There are so many dedicated existing members ready to help and guide them.

I have seen many examples of that kindness, support and encouragement.

I remember, when i joined, i was not sure.

But a few encouragements and support from the CTP members boosted my confidence.

I remember the first upvote on a comment by @russellstockley.

The 100% vote by @blainjones on my first post. It was a gesture of encouragement.

The delegation by @jongolson, which boosted my resource credits forever.

Another gesture of kindness and encouragement was by setting a member as beneficiary to the post. This was started by @jongolson. Many in the CTP community do it regularly.

There are so many awesome members within the CTP community who are always ready to help and guide @ph1102, @flaxz, @elianaicgomes, @maddogmike. The list is very big.

Curation trail by @bradleyarrow, have done wonders in getting steady upvotes. Which itself is an encouragement and support.

Challenges like #lukeisalive, #iamalive and #aliveengagement has encouraged engagement and also help build hive and CTP power.

Criticism is also a sort of encouragement when taken in the right way.
If someone criticizes your work with an intention to improve, it should be taken as an encouragement.

So yes, a gesture of kindness, support, encouragement and a pinch of criticism can do wonders.

Thank you all.

And Yes, i am happy to be alive.

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hello dear friend @imfarhad good afternoon
Excellent post, you say many very important things, but I want to highlight a gesture of greatness; Be grateful, that is a key that will open many doors, this was taught to me by my parents and it has given me a lot of results. congratulations on this noble gesture dear friend
stay safe and take care
have a wonderful night and happy dreams

thank you @jlufer for the comment.
Yes, i agree always be grateful. I appreciate that.
stay safe and have a nice sunday.

Thank you so much for the mention and those are pretty cool names you mention too!
Glad to have you onboard with us in this crazy adventure 😁

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Its been great so far.
thanks for the comment.

Thanks a lot for the mention, and really great to hear that you are enjoying the time here and being a part of the community, and also great to hear that encouragement works and gives results, I wish you an awesome Sunday.

thank you erik (@flaxz).
You too have a awesome sunday.

Nice to see that you are happy with your community! Thanks for the mention and keep on creating!

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thank you.

Awesome to have you in the Swarm man, CTP is very lucky to have you!

And you are right...Little bits of kindness and support, go a long way!

thank you Jon.


thank you.