Inspirational Monday (12) - Why Consistency is Key to Your Success.

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Lack of willpower, lack of self-discipline, lack of motivation, lack of knowledge, lack of experience...whatever you want to call it, there is one element that short to fix this problem. That element is consistency.

This week's quote is by the well-known Zig Ziglar who said:

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily. ~ Zig Ziglar

Yes, for us to live any kind of social life, we need to make bathing a daily habit. And just like bathing, we also need to get motivated daily...

We all need motivation every day. And motivation (or the lack thereof) comes from what we fill our minds with.

What are you constantly looking at? What do you pay attention to? Are you only paying attention to all the "doom and gloom" which you can get in abundance by watching the news every day? Or are you paying attention to making progress on your goals for building your business, looking forward to a great future?

Are you paying attention to the lack of energy, the aches, and pains, from being overweight? Or are you focusing on making progress by following a healthy diet and a healthy exercise routine?

And while on the topic of health...don't be fooled into believing that you are going to follow that strict diet for six weeks and everything is just going to be fine.

To enjoy health you need to develop healthy habits. It must become a lifestyle. Do not overdo it in the beginning. Take it step at a time. And gain/achieve those results over time. Especially where it concerns your health, there is no "quick-fix".

Get proper (qualified) advice, read articles about health that will inspire and motivate you.

If finances or a business are included in your goals, read about finances and business principles. Find a role model who has achieved what you would like to achieve and study what they do.

But do this daily. Other people can do everything in their power to motivate you and to keep you motivated, but if you don't do your part, it's in vain.

Nobody would be able to keep you motivated if you keep focusing on the negatives. It's all up to you! And you need to be consistent. You need to remain focused by keeping your attention on the positive results you want.

Am I saying you can remain so positive that you will never have a bad day? No, by no means am I saying that! You will have bad days. But when you do, acknowledge the fact that you've had a bad day, accept's normal, but don't give up and stay there. Be determined that "tomorrow I will heave a better day"...or try at least.

Learn to say (and believe)..."this too shall pass". Don't remain in that bad spot. Always aim to grow, to improve, to become better...every day, one day at a time!

Consistency! That's the name of the game. Nothing fancy. Nothing too complicated. Just consistency...every day.

I need to apply this to myself as well. During many years of being active in sports, my lower back and my right hip took some punishment. Last week, I was informed that I might be facing the reality of needing a hip replacement within the next year or two.

But, that is not where my focus is going to be. I received a new workout routine from a qualified biokineticist and that is where my focus is going to be. I will improve my flexibility, strength, and overall fitness again, and I will not be in any need of a hip replacement.

Let me know what your challenges are and how you remain focused on the positive.

I hope this post was helpful.