Practice Makes Perfect

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Have you ever had the experience where you found something extremely interesting, something new, and you wanted to learn more about it? You want to get involved. You want to start using it. have no idea where to start. And to top it actually have no idea how it

I know the feeling pretty well. And Jon's Crypto Monday of this week was a good reminder of that.

I've been interested in Cryptocurrencies for quite some time. It was late 2016, early 2017 that I happened to get a few Satoshis through some program I joined. I did not even really understand what it was and didn't pay much attention to it.

Then, later in 2017 I accidentally stumbled upon the wallet where I kept those few Satoshis and my eyes nearly popped out at what I saw. What I remembered as a few cents, were now suddenly a few Dollars. It was the beginning of the massive bull-run of Bitcoin.

I knew a little bit about reading the charts as I have always enjoyed reading Forex charts. With the little knowledge I had though, I wasn't confident enough to put more money in, but I did manage to make quite a few dollars from the tiny amount I had in the wallet.


As long as the bull-run was on, I got some nice smiles and friendly pats on the back. Yet, when it was over and the price came down, everybody was very polite and told me how everybody was saying it was just a bubble and I shouldn't be too concerned with this "Crypto-thing".

Well, fortunately, I had enough knowledge to start selling when the price started coming down and I made a good profit.

Unlike everybody around me who believed what everybody else said, I did not believe everybody out there and believed there is something to be learned here. Fortunately, my wife and daughters were (and still are) very supportive of my interest to learn more about Cryptocurrencies.

One thing I am pessimistic about is all the hype, false promises, and information you find on the internet (including the topic of Cryptocurrencies).

I kept reading all the decent, informative articles I could get hold of and I learned about how big a variety of Cryptocurrencies are actually out there.

Then, about 3 months ago, I stumbled onto the link of @jongolson that took me to the Start Earning Today program.

What I appreciated, was the honesty in the way the program was introduced. There was no hype. On the contrary, you get told from the beginning that you would need to take action and not to expect an instant fortune coming your way.

That was an excellent opportunity to not only learn more about these currencies but to actually start earning some as well...all without the risk of losing any money.

Yet, even though I've made a start and I've made some money in the process, I am still not even close to understanding exactly what it is I'm doing and Monday night's program was a solid reminder of that.

I have a strategy in place where I can see the growth taking place and that's awesome. But I need to learn more.


For one thing, I am not good at marketing and I cannot really see myself as this massive successful marketing person either.

So, there are three things I want to start learning more about:

  • Using these Cryptocurrencies and how to grow my portfolio.
  • How to use the HIVE blockchain better.
  • Learn how to promote.

Promoting will be a priority to start with. I decided that I will continue to build on the results that I have achieved so far, and turn that into a little business.

I believe the best way of learning is by actively doing something.

So, I will learn to create content more often here on the Hive blockchain and also gather, create, and share content on the topic of Cryptocurrencies, here and on other platforms.

As part of this process, I will also start sharing the Start Earning Today program wherever I can.

I believe that by following this process, I will greatly benefit by also learning more about Cryptocurrencies as well as the HIVE blockchain for myself while sharing the information with others.

I am open to any advice and I appreciate all the support I have received from so many of you in this community. Thank you!


Awesome man!

So glad you did find Start Earning Today and got active with Hive. I think that's what attracts us so much to the blockchain...You can earn, while learning...It's the perfect fit for anyone trying to dive in and learn this crypto stuff :)

So true what you say! And I have lots of learning to Thanks again, Jon!

Great post, Jaco!

I will learn to create content more often here on the Hive blockchain and also gather

This sounds like a good "first" step... I would suggest you to try to make some connections here, engage a bit more on other's posts (sorry if you are already doing it), just to let know that you are here to stay... People do appreciate that, and you will grow faster...

Wish you the best!

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As always...good advice coming from you! I've been engaging in some posts, but I can certainly do more...and no need to say sorry for anything! I appreciate your input!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your nicely written posts on Hive :-).

Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate it.

Start Earning Today is really great, have got quite a lot of referrals from there, and even bumped it up by dedicating week 1 of Mobile Cash Formula to it, keep on crushing it and keep on learning through practice.

Thank you for your inspiring comment. I really appreciate it, thank you Erik!


That's a great post I really enjoyed reading it and learning about your experience so far. 😀

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed my post!