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RE: Why You Should Be Careful Who You Listen To.

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Well said Jaco, and great advice about who to listen to, you just proved to be in the right category yourself, and nicely pointed in the end to take action with SET, Hiveguide and IAAC, and thanks for the mention.

Thank you for the kind words and it is a pleasure mentioning you. I think you do awesome work with your project!

It's always funny to hear those self proclaimed experts talk with certainty about a subject you know all about, then you ask them a question that a layman mostly not knows the answer to and they just shows to not know what they are talking about.

There is a saying that "if a fool rather keeps quiet, even a wise man may take him for being intelligent".

That is usually where I just leave anything they say and walk away, trying to convince them is in most cases pointless, I did try that when I was younger with very limited result.

You are wise to just leave whatever they say and just walk away. It is not worth wasting your energy on reasoning with such a person. And as you say, an expert knows what he knows and doesn't have to prove anything.

Thank you once again for your great comment and have an awesome day!


Thanks and I wish you an awesome day.


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Thanks for the tokens. I do appreciate them!