Why You Should Be an "On-Purpose" Person

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Live on-purpose? How can we live on purpose? We have no control over our lives...

Wrong! We can either let life happen to us...or we can make life happen...

What I mean is this:

  • We can have the attitude of "whatever will be will be..." and feel sorry for ourselves for always getting the short end of the stick.
  • We can decide what we want to achieve in life, set goals, create a plan of action and then make things happen by taking action.

No, we don't have control over everything, I'm not saying that. We cannot predict what will happen in the future either.

But we can determine what we have control over at this moment. What are we going to do with it? Whatever we do today with what we can control, will have an impact on what we experience tomorrow.

Today, you are the product of what you did yesterday.

By not exercising your God-given control over what you have control over today, you have no influence over what will happen tomorrow either. Tomorrow will just "happen", and you will then just have to wait for the next day to "happen" etc., etc...

When Bitcoin appeared for the first time, nobody knew what to expect. Some were cautious and avoided it. Some got curious and bought some, then got nervous, and sold again. Some made money and some lost money.

Others did proper research, bought some Bitcoin, stuck in there because they understood the longterm-potential, and today they are very glad that they did.

Over the last few weeks, we saw Bitcoin going to more than $40000.00. It pulled back again and has been moving "sideways" for the last couple of days now. Will it pull back further or is the best yet to come? There are people who are already taking their profits and there are those who are in it for the long run.

And then there are the spectators. Within the spectators, there are the "doom-prophets" and there are those who are still "waiting for the right moment". Neither of these will enjoy the benefits of taking part because they never take action...except for talking...


Today we also have HIVE. And on the HIVE blockchain, we have many coins with excellent potential. We have CTP, CTPSB, INDEX, LEOFINANCE, and many more. But the question remains...what are you going to do with it?

The fact is; we can have all the opportunities in the world...if we don't take action, set goals, and start working towards achieving those goals all these opportunities will mean nothing to us.

Sure, not everything will always be successful. But by taking action and trying, you will soon learn what will work for you and what won't work. That is the only way.

This actually reminds me of a story of a very religious man who was a victim of a serious flood after a huge storm went through town.


He was trapped inside his house with the water level continuously rising. Eventually, he was forced to go out and he managed to get onto the roof of his house.

As he got onto the roof, someone came to him in a canoe and offered to take him to safety. He politely said no thank you, because he prayed about his situation and he really believed that he would be fine.

A while later, as the water level was now almost covering the roof too, a rescue boat approached him and offered to take him to safety. Again he declined.

Eventually, the roof was also underwater and with only the chimney sticking out above the water level, the man was holding onto the chimney.

A helicopter of the rescue services came and they threw a rope down for him so that they could take him to safety. Again he declined and waved them away as he believed his prayer would be answered and he would be fine.

A little later the man drowned...

Arriving in heaven, the confused man approached God and wanted to know why his prayer wasn't answered.

God answered him by saying "I did answer your prayer. I sent three opportunities your way to be saved and you declined every time."

Are you desperate for a breakthrough? Maybe you should have a close look at some of the opportunities which are staring you right in the face right now.

Grab hold of at least one opportunity and take action. There are things that we cannot control, but let's take that which we can control and do something with it. Who knows, it just might be the start of great things...the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

By not taking action the only guarantee you have is that nothing will change for you.

If you have heard people talking about cryptocurrencies but you feel like you don't have a clue what it's all about, and you have no idea where to start, click the links below and just follow the steps. It's free, there is no pressure and you learn at your own pace.


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