My voting power is still very low

in The CTP Swarm2 months ago

My power of increase, although not enough as I would like, still I continue to support the community with many votes especially for new posts. Thanks to the delegations obtained by lukeisalive I currently have 1,200 more ctp that help improve my voting power.

I would like to have much more voting power and give at least 1 ctp per vote, I know that I am still far away and I noticed that too many users sell their tokens in minimal quantity, which is devaluing the community, I don't know who or who they will be, but this massive sale is going to end up sinking CTP.

The worrying thing for me now is that I don't know whether to sell or keep betting that the community will grow incredibly at some point, I have blind faith in this community but the graphics show me something else and it doesn't take a genius to understand what's up.