Jangle's Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

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Through my various ups and downs in this ride called life, I've heard several people tell me
"Accept that there are events that you cannot control".

Don't you wish it were that simple?

I struggle with this because when I cannot control something, my anxiety gets REALLY excited and comes alive because the biggest part of anxiety (for me) is the fear of the unknown. So coming to terms with the fact that there are a bajillion things in the run of the day that I can't control and that I have to let go of, is definitely not an easy task!

What a time to be alive when you struggle with that, right? Can I get an Amen!?!

Here are some ways that I deal with anxiety. Perhaps they will help you if you share a similar struggle as me.

  • Prayer. All things are given to Him. For me, that's Jesus. He gets all my praise and a lot of complaining as well...

  • Meditation. I'm not very good at this but when I am able to get even 20 minutes of silence and just sit in my surroundings and thoughts and center myself, it's really powerful when dealing with anxiety.

  • Distraction. This may sound silly but anyone who has children knows the power of distraction works wonders. It's the same for adults, sometimes. If I allow myself to sit and worry and wonder about all the what ifs...I go crazy. If I find myself going through those thoughts, sometimes just getting up and distracting myself with something different helps to rid myself of the negative energy. I have to say that this doesn't always work because it depends on WHAT you're anxious about. Sometimes, you have to tackle the actual issue that's triggering the anxiety.

  • Finding something that lightens your mood naturally. For some people, that's nature or painting. For me...it's music! I get lost in music and it can take me far away from where I am (in my mind) and it's definitely a go to for me when I just need to escape.

  • Talk to someone. If none of these outlets help you, find someone and talk about things. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed alone. It's not always easy, I know. You may be afraid or feel like you are burden or don't want to complain but the truth is, you matter and everyone has times when they just need a friend. If you don't have anyone, find me. I'll listen :)

    Stay awesome!


I go to my Hoʻoponopono chant, it helps plenty
And yes Music tooooo! I can really get lost in music too :D
I can totally relate to that!!

I meditate when I get up. Habit makes it a normal part of your day and starts you out right. Practice makes perfect. Your ideas are excellent, but, may I offer up one more?

Breathe. Very simple. Sit still. Close your eyes and focus on breathing in through your nose, hold a brief second or two and breathe out through your mouth, all the way. Repeat this and focus on it. It will give you a sense of peacefulness and if you practice this daily, it strengthens your breathing also.

Good luck. You sound like you have everything going well for you. Thanks for the great read. Have a great night.


Excuse me butting in here but great advice @dswigle! I forget this all the time!

:)) Hi.@Lizelle! xo


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Thank you! Fantastic advice!

I hope it works for you if you ever need it!

I do the meditation every morning. I've done it long enough that it's just part of my 'wake up' procedure. Microwave a cup of coffee (I don't have time to wait for fresh brew :) ) and sit quietly until it's gone. Granted some of my meditation looks to outsiders like scratching the dog and giving him doggy affirmations.

I also write in my journal just after. Before I turn on the music. Another habit that helps me.

The struggle is real. I'm best served if I admit that I'm struggling and don't tell myself "It's nothing dumbass, get to it."

Thanks Janelle.

....waiting for a fresh brew is the only part of coffee i like...the smell! :D

Thanks for your comment. Meditation is definitely my weakest on that list because I just can never seem to find quiet! Kids do that to a person. When I do get to it, I love it. The struggle is real, you're right :) And don't call my friend a dumbass :D

Great post Janelle,I get sometimes a day when i dont know what to do with my self...😀

Thank you :) Those days are fun, aren't they? Oy...

Thanks for the tips, for me I get busy making birthday or get well cards something to keep my mind focused on the task at hand. I also try to focus on what I have that I am grateful for. I am not good at understanding my own son when he was going thru anxiety and depression so not good at helping people with this issue. i hope this post you have written will help others.

Thank you for your comment. I imagine it's probably difficult to find ways to comfort others who are going through something that you've never experienced. My best tip that I often tell my husband is that he can't fix it for me and sometimes, all a person needs is to be held or more often then not, heard. Just listen. Let them feel all their feelings without trying to fix it. :) I hope it will help others as well.

Nice post well done thought. Well usually I can't breathe if I get too much anxiety which happens like 24 hours a day and kiss me from doing stuff individuals can give me anxiety and even my husband what I do I just go away and waste my time doing nothing . viewing condescending comments towards me. Vanity vanity in the negative form is me those are good I guess I don't comfort myself I just give up and shoot myself in the head and middle correctly so those are talking too much and I don't think I should be here you're smart intelligent caring and worth all the friends that you could have

Cheryl, I appreciate your comment although I've been struggling with how to reply. I think you're doing okay at these things. I'm here if you need anything. Just don't quit and pay no mind to anyone who says anything condescending to you. That's their issue, not yours.


I literally didn't mean to say. Kiss. Please laugh

I have seen several people struggle with anxiety on different levels. It is great if you can learn to control it but that is not an easy task. Meditation is great and if you can allow yourself to be distracted is good too. For me I have an unusual ability to adapt to change and come up with a modified plan on the fly. You will never be able to control everything so I guess accepting it is half the battle.

That's so great, Mike. Having the ability to adapt to change is a great skill to have!

Hey @jangle...Just stopping by to say that posts like this could be great in the Self Improvement community begun by @stevenwood.


I hope you're doing great, and keep up the good work. :)

Thanks! I've just subscribed. I appreciate your comment and letting me know!

You're most welcome, the more the merrier, especially on the weekend when it can be a little slower here.

Wonderful advice, distraction actually is one of the quick fixes I often use and music and nature is at the top of that list! Take care and remember to stop and take a deep breath before you carry on;)

Thank you :) I appreciate your comment. deep breath!! so important!

Nice points.
I started consuming lot of food, I know not a good option at all.


I have an extremely close friendship with cheesecake. I understand completely!

I suffer anxiety too and these are all excellent tips. Elongating the out breath helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system too 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Oh, and we love to support mental health posts in @naturalmedicine community. It's a really important topic for me... xxx

I just subscribed. Thank you for letting me know. :) Deep breathing seems to be a common reply here from people so that's a sign to how well it works! It's definitely great learning what works for others.

Very nice tips
to deal with such a common problem
Friend, a good listener helps a lot.

Thank you. I agree. Having friends willing to listen is a fantastic outlet and those who have that are blessed!

I agree with you 100% that it's not as easy as it sounds. And when talking with someone, try to find a person who has been through it or is also dealing with anxiety. I have found talking with someone who hasn't is really not understanding what your going through. It's a terrible feeling, your lost and don't have control and sometimes you have no idea why its happening to you. Don't be afraid to get professional help, it maybe th best think you do to help yourself.

This is a very good point. Thank you for bringing it up. Never be afraid to get professional help. It WAS the best thing I ever did for myself. It was in fact the first step to discovering all those tips I wrote about. I really appreciate you mentioning this as I forgot to.

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