Let Me Show You How To Earn $ With ZERO Effort!!

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All you have to do is..............

Okay, okay...so, I can't tell you. Do you want to know why? ...


Because it's not possible!

My headline caught your attention though...probably for 1 of 2 reasons. You realize that it's so outlandish that you couldn't believe your eyes and wanted to see what nonsense I was about to write...or you still, in the back of your head, believe that it's possible to earn money without putting forth any effort whatsoever.

I really hope it's the first option, however, just in case it's the second, please let me be the one to tell you that again that it's not possible. So get that out of your head!

I write that statement above with zero judgement. You see, I once used to believe in shortcuts and the illusion that the next big thing must be around the corner...I just hadn't found it yet!

It's just simply not the case.

The next big thing was always in front of me...I just had to go out and work towards it!

There are of course simplified ways to make money, like here on Hive. We're getting paid to create content and communicate and engage in a community. Where else can you get paid to basically do what we all do everyday on Facebook and Twitter? Nowhere that I can think of...but the truth is, even though that's not "hard work", it's still work. It's showing up consistently, taking time to create content that's worthy to post, making videos, engaging with others, commenting, etc. It's a ton of fun and doesn't seem like work but it's still effort!


When it comes to actual, sustainable, paying your bills and living off of the profit while running a business kind of income...you have GOT to be prepared to work, invest loads of time, put forth serious effort and...spend money. The internet is not magic. Far from it, actually. So to think it would be any different starting a business online than it would be offline is just naive.

Most of the time I write these posts and say something like, "I hope this doesn't offend anyone but..." however the truth is, if you are the person that believes you don't have to work or put forth any effort whatsoever and that you can just show up once a month and make a mediocre post on here and then complain that nothing works for you...I kind of hope you're offended enough to make some changes. Either understand that entrepreneurship isn't for you OR get serious about it. Those are your choices. Or I suppose you could choose to stay offended and continue to make very little income...

We've all learned a lot in 2020 so far and the biggest lesson that I have learned is that I was too comfortable and this world owes me nothing. It's time now to take control, get serious and get to work because at the end of the day, all that I can control is the effort I've put forth.

Get uncomfortable and get to work!

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Yes, I completely agree. There is no magic pill or fast route to success & big money. The times of the flashy car & yacht ads are over....even though, curiously, I still see them on the Gauntlet 🤔, but I digress... 😂

It takes showing up every day, consistency & a vision. You have to be passionate about what you're doing, really believe in it; otherwise, what's the point? I see so many people go into these things just for money & imho, that's the wrong way to go about it. Yes, we all want to make money of course, but with that being the lone reason, one won't get that far!

Great post, Jangle. It is good people read this & understand it takes WORK even if it doesn't feel like it 😉 💚

Thanks Jenn. :)

Well, I certainly clicked immediately to see what you were going to say...

That's an epic hook and photo to go with it. And the rest of the post is 'solid gold.'

I'm glad you are in the arena my friend!

Thanks Tom! Certainly blessed to have you as a friend as well.

oh! I am waiting for that perpetual machine that can make the second option a reality.

Right? Aren't we all!? :D

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable"
This is the best quote I got this year so far lol
It's up to you to get your butt moving or not!
After that, we will support the action takers :)
Let's offend more people ;)
Thank you for your awesomeness 💜

Thanks Eliana! :D

I certainly learned this the hard way over the years. Not sure why I believed it. I guess I hoped it would be possible. Well at least now I have found something that is worth putting in the effort.

Sometimes I think we're all guilty of doing that but the important part is when you know better, you do better! Seems like you're onto that now, Lisa. Thanks for the comment! :D

I've got attracted by your post and I believe that it was the combination between the headline and the author. If I saw this headline from somebody I didn't know at all, I would probably have skipped the post immediately.

When you start to know people a bit more, maybe from videos and previous posts, there is a thing that is building up that I would call trust and this trust made me very intersted in what you have to say. I realise that my comment is a bit besides the point of your post but I found this realisation quite interesting :-).

If only there were such an easy way to earn $$$. But you are right here on Hive we have the possibility to earn money in a relatively easy way but it doesn't come by itself. It took me about two years to find my place in the Hive world and to start to make some money with my activity. It takes time and effort and the more effort and enthousiasme you put into it, the nicer your journey and your earnings will be...

Thank you Achim. It's nice to hear that you have come to trust me. I appreciate you!

Darn! You got me with this one! :( I will continue to search on the Internet for "my answer" and spit on everyone else who is working instead of just watching Netflix and judging others...

hehehe... Great post... seriously... where do I have to send my $14.99 and get my 20% daily? :P

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If you find the answer, let me know! :D Thanks Zoltan

Great and inspiring content. He who has ear let him hear.

Thank you! :D

Brilliant @jangle well written have the best day

Thank you very much. Have a great day as well :)

Well said Janelle, and clickbait lol, though the argument is that it's not clickbait if it delivers value.

Anyways back to the subject, the fact is that even if you win 10 million bucks or something if you where not rich before you are extremely likely to end up losing all of it after some time anyways, you gambled to get it, so you are very likely to gamble it away too, which statistics also show, not sure where to find them right now though.

But if you want actual results you need to work for them, if it was easy everyone would already be doing it, and if it's worth doing, it's also worth your time to make it happen.

Keep up your good work, and make it worth your time.

Thanks Erik. At least I wasn't one of those annoying clickbait posts like on facebook where you to keep hitting next to look through pictures and never get to the actual one you clicked to see in the first place! :D

Thanks for your comment :)

Oh no. I thought finally I got the article. And I read, it's not possible. You just broke my heart. lol...

When we hear that you can make money online or we want to make money from the network, our eyes always catch the titles like "the easiest way to make money online," "the fastest way to make money online". I completely agree with you. That's just not possible. You have to put your effort, and time to do something online. If you have the talent, you will surely make it.

haha, sorry to have broken you heart...sigh...

Appreciate your comment ;)

Incredible ! Sorry I started to laugh. Great Point.

Thanks Cheryl :)

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