Happy Thanksgiving! What Are You Thankful For?

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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians on Hive!

I am so truly blessed to be part of this fantastic community on Hive! I am honored to be here and can't wait to see where we can drive this machine.

The year 2020 has not been without it's challenges. That's probably putting it mildly for many. There is deep turmoil in the world and people suffering tremendous loss. It's easy to lose focus on anything that's remotely positive.

Yet still, there is comfort in the idea that, this year especially, I know that I am not alone when I am feeling the stress and struggles of those challenges because this is a global pandemic and everyone is feeling it's impacts. We're really in this together! You're not alone either. I hope you can find comfort in that when you feel like it's all a bit too much.

Sometimes, it's just about perspective. It can ALWAYS be worse. We are blessed in many ways and on Hive, we're a community that cares. It truly is a blessing to be here and I just wanted to give a quick shout out to YOU and tell you that I am super thankful to have you (my readers) in my life.

Even though the present is a little bleak, I know the future is bright! Let's rock!

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Damn. I feel like my ordinary dumbass self for not wishing you and @jongolson a Happy Thanksgiving in real time. I assure you it is not lack of feeling or Thankfulness but just my self absorption.

Happy Thanksgiving Janelle! I am, as always, thankful that you are in my life. I actually love that you had to do this video in the car because your house was too noisy. A noisy, loving Holiday house makes me smile.

Thank you Tom :)

Thank you for being part of our awesome community!

Wish you the best!

Thank you, Zoltan :)

Not far form there . washington start is between us. :) so north america. :) Am thankful I saw your post. am thankful the rains are here. am thankful done of my family seriously affected by the Oregon Fires. are some where very close. thankful for the fireman. think about those lost. Oregon Washington and California. and struggling. Thank for not spreading to some one else the covid. which i had for short time but stay inside. for over month. did . Thank for all the good caring strong people.

Thank you, Cheryl :)

oh sorry about. techy problem

Happy Thanksgiving Janelle