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Janelle's Social Media Tip:
Don't be a social media bully. It's so important to remember that just throwing out affiliate links constantly on Twitter and Facebook or whatever platform you use, is 100% the LEAST EFFECTIVE WAY to use social media and will NOT produce results. Not only is it super annoying but it's considered spam. Treat your social media following like friends in your living room. Talk to them about your business by creating consistent content that provides value to your followers. Create a weekly schedule of informative posts. You can absolutely brag your business up but do it in a way that makes them want to ask for that link.

Create curiosity. Engage more.

You'll see fantastic results this way!

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It's interesting that when Jon has presented Hive and CTPTalk to his affiliate supporters, I saw for the first time that mentality of spamming affiliate links in the posts here... But, as time passes by, people do recognize what you have said:

Treat your social media following like friends in your living room.

It a bit weird and scary how did people saw us "before"? :)

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It's the can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Not that I am calling anyone a I think because of the history of what CTP was built on (traffic exchanges) people got into a mindset where all they had to do was put their affiliate links out there and they'd get sign ups. They never did, mind you. But .... the ones that did, didn't spam but did things to stand out and engage.

I am not sure I want to know the answer to your last question...haha how DID people see us? ;)

Thanks as always for your support!

Very good tip, people get irritated especially, who ain't involved in any kinda online business, Create curiosity & engage :) Have an amazing week!

It's a great way to annoy people, that's for sure! It's surprising that people still do it but hey...some people don't listen! haha

Thanks for your comment

Solid advice. It doesn't matter where, link spamming pisses me off and makes the sender look awful. I'll unfollow or even block those that do it to me. That easy.

Good to see your face. You do so well with the video format. Feels like you're sitting right over there by Sam. I know you aren't cause he isn't licking your ear, but that's what it feels like.

Hey maybe someday when this pandemic crap is over we can hang out...although I'd rather not have your dog lick my face, thanks! :D

Thanks for the positive comment & friendship!

Its all about building habits and being you, honest and truth full, build a following by being consistent about you

sooner or later they will ask them what you do

Exactly, Russell. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the comment :)

Yes, you are totally right about this. I see all to often people spam their links all over the place with little regard of anything at all. And the worst is when they don't really know you but they message you constantly trying to pitch you.

My favorite is on FB when you get added as a friend and within the first 15 seconds, messenger has links in it. I've mastered the art of blocking at rapid speed :D

I always love being friended and getting a message on messenger as soon as I accept the friend request that goes something like hey girl or hey beautiful or hey sweetie and then launches into their pitch for what ever. And that is how network marketers get a bad rep on social media. And it's why I love what we are doing here.

Yeah. As if the condescending "hello sweety" wasn't enough LOL I agree with you

You don't want to scare other people on social media and make them run away. lol... If you think social media as a distribution channel, you probably share links and that's it. When you shift your mindset from this and start building relationships, getting to know other people on the other side, connecting and engaging with them, you will see way more changes in your business. As you said,

Treat your social media following like friends in your living room.

Thank you @jangle for sharing this.