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Reuse your best work! A simple concept that so many people overlook.

In this video I talk about how a simple email from Adobe gave me a bit of an "ah ha" moment when it comes to following up and leveraging my own work.

Oh, and I took my own advice that I gave in the video and created this info-graphic on Canva using one of their basic templates to show you just how easy it can be. I made some changes to suit what I needed and viola! It's not perfect but it's just an example of another way to get the message across.

reuse your best work!.png

My suggestion is take some time today and go through some of your content and see what you can pull from and build on so that you can provide even more value to your readers. It will give you a chance to learn what your readers want when you can see what posts have had the best response.

Make today great!

I Am Janelle Pineau

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Uh Huh. That's some really terrific advice.

I have a couple of series that I want to revisit on Hive. Rivers of the West and Capitalism, Communism and Democracy. I don't mean to repop them, but I have new information and sources for both.

So. I'm not going to give you any grief about your high temperatures. I actually get it, and even I am going heat crazy here.

I also have a cup like yours, official NHL stuff that I drink my tea from. The bad news? It's a RedWings logo glass. But I use it because of the quality of the product. And I don't hate the 'wings near so bad since they moved to your division.

"Just a city boy raised in South Detroit". Makes me hate the song....

Hahaha about the cup. Poor Red Wings.

Definitely a great idea to revisit those posts. And yeah, it doesn't mean rewrite them and say the same things either. Just pull from them and continue the information. It's kind of really a lot easier then trying to come up with a brand new topic sometimes. :)

Repurposing is awesome!

and you never know what form of content people will engage with the most...Written or video, it's a toss up lol

Yes. Everybody is on a different path and you never know what you're going to say to spark something in someone.

Beautiful creation.

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Thank you very much :)

I'm so bad with re-use... and people told me millions of times... maybe I will listen one time and fix that... Thanks for repeating the importance of it!

Made in Canva

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You're welcome. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video :)

you never know what resonate with someone.

That's very true.

It actually took me a lot longer then it should have to realize that even if I don't get immediate reactions from my readers...you just never know. :)

I live in South Florida, you want to talk about heat lol

These are very good point about repurposing and getting inspiration from your content. It can be a huge time save and we can all use as much of that as possible.

I know. But in my defense...it was 104 here today and well...I am NOT used to that! LOL

Yes, you can reuse your content and create something awesome! Written words, infographics, video, and audio. Doing that, you position yourself in a better place where people can consume your content the way they like most.

Exactly. It's great to have options.

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I think this is a great idea and you done an amazing job with the infographic. 😉👍