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RE: The Little Tribe That Could...

in The CTP Swarm2 months ago

Congratulations on the 100 referrals. I don't know if burning all the tokens is a good idea or not. At least I know taskmaster4450 doesn't think so. We tend to stake the rewards right now to the top 3 every week with a percentage of 50%,30% and 20% right now in @leomarkettalk.

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Leo has very powerful burn mechanisms in place already (ads, cubfinance) and also has with leo.voter a very powerful tool that creates demand for the token. It basically uses hive delegations to buy leo tokens on a daily basis.

CTP is lacking both. We buy some tokens through ctpsb and burn a part of it but that's about it. Thanks to @ctpchat, we would also have a tool that could fullfill both sides of the market, reduce supply by burning and increase demand by buying the token on the market.

We need buy pressure on CTP. Leo is a different beast with thousands of dollars in volume a day. CTP still has a long way to go, and the more scarcity we put on the supply, it should help.

We can always change things up down to the road...But LEO is in a very unique position compared to us little fish LOL

We have to create the demand :)