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RE: CTPSB goes DeFi

in The CTP Swarm3 months ago

Yea the transaction costs for CUB was kind of bad considering the small amount. I got some free BNB to cover my transaction cost but I haven't even hit the compound button since I staked less 0.865 CUB. It has gotten about 20% interest but I don't even know what's the best time to pull the trigger for the best profit.

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I've made a spreadsheet for myself to evaluate the costs of the transactions. At the moment one single transaction costs about 0.4$. This means that you need almost to have earned a whole CUB so that transaction costs don't exceed 10%... In my opinion it's best to be as passive as possible with these investments.

Yea my harvesting right now is about 0.145 which is around 18% increase to my stake. I have seen the APR drop significantly so I think I might start compounding when I get around 0.25 CUB because it would be about 30% increase to my stake. I feel this would be better given my tiny stake.

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