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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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I would like to increase everything I did last week, but I have a new Lead Capture page in mind and looking to get that set up before the end of the week, get more modules done in the CTP Universe is on my priority list this week as well.


Are you gonna set up a split test to see how it performs compared to what you are currently using?

It depends @mba2020 , because I may pivot entirely and create a split test with 2 new LCP's - one with a video and one without.

That is a solid plan please keep me informed as I am interested in your results 😀

That is cool.
How often do you change your LCP's?
I know you test them a lot.

@alente if they are doing real well I ride it out, but those that don’t or when it starts whittling down then I begin to mix in a new one. The testing results helps me determine when to change them, but patience is important and really knowing where you are rotating your LCP’s. Also, did you pay for ads, is it all free platforms, are you upgraded. Things like that.

Nice nice!

Be sure to throw your LCP in CTP Chat when it's done, for feedback etc...

Great idea @jongolson 👍