A Simple 'Hunt' On Uniswap Turned Into A Big Win

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It's story time again...

About 2 years ago or so, I delegated to a project on the 'other blockchain'...

That project was called Steemhunt. They dished out these tokens called 'HUNT' and when they got started, everyone was a fan...Time goes by, blockchains fork, and a project that was once the darling of the chain gets forgotten....

Fast forward to August 2020 and I was reminded that these tokens existed...

Not only did they exist, but thanks to this new 'decentralized exchange' called Uniswap, I could flip these HUNT tokens for quite a nice amount...

(BTW HUGE shout out to @themarkymark and @taskmaster4450 because if these guys didn't write posts reminding us about the HUNT swaps, I would have never known to flip those HUNT tokens!)

So a few days ago, everyone starts raving about this airdrop they are getting...

Maybe you heard of it...

UNI token ;)

Imagine my surprise when I said..

what the heck, let's go see if I got those tokens...!

...I log into Uniswap and there they are!

400 of these flashy new tokens that I have NO IDEA at all on what I'm supposed to do with them...But they are worth like 2-3 bucks each!!!

So I quickly try to figure out the awful experience that is 'Ethereum' and end up spending close to 80 dollars in 'GWEI' to get these tokens out of Uniswap and into something I understand...

Of course, the experience that is Ethereum decided that my transaction should be dropped, so see ya later $80...I'm back to 400 UNI tokens without a clue how to get them out...

But then something amazing happens...

UNI starts....Trending up....Like, WAY UP!

Suddenly I have over $2000 of UNI tokens in my wallet....

Talk about a positive first experience with this DeFi stuff lol

And being that I know NOTHING about this DeFi stuff, and had an awful experience with Ethereum...I sold half of my UNI (200 tokens)....

I'm a crypto trading GURU!

Cause look what happened...


Hey look, I'm sure UNI will do great. Maybe it goes to the moon....I dunno, I don't understand a single thing about that stuff but I do understand...


I took half of the UNI I sold and ended up with over 3000 Hive from the trade with a bunch of BTC to spare...

And then did what I KNOW...I powered it up and sent some to the @ctpsb project!

be brave.png

What a fun 48 hours it's been :)

Few things I've learned...

  • Ethereum is awful on the user side of things, maybe it's the darling of the DeFi world, whatever...It's horrible to use and one of the worst experiences I've had in crypto. Not to mention expensive lol

  • I don't understand DeFi, Sushi, yield, Uniswap....But I sure do appreciate the air drop...Thanks smart DeFi people!!!!

  • I LOVE Hive! I understand HIVE...So I will more than likely end up spending all that BTC I still got from the UNI swap for more Hive Power...
  • But most important of all...This taught me to ALWAYS pay attention to what's going on in this crypto space, especially here on HIVE! We are blessed to have amazing creators and witnesses like @TheMarkyMark and @taskmaster4450 on this chain that without them, crypto noobs like yours truly would have NEVER have taken action and flipped those HUNT tokens in the first place....Which led to Jongo getting some UNI :)

Stay hungry folks....It's a wild world out there and who know when the next opportunity will pop up in the crypto space!

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thanks to hunt i got mine too :) never would have heard of uniswap otherwise.

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lol it's the best!

Logging in, I couldn't believe it...Thanks Steemhunt!!!

wow! Jongo keep getting something to power up for Hive.

Not bad at all :)

Loving it!!

thanks for the story! I learn much and get motivated and entertained at the same time 😉👍🏼 goodie on the extra HP 🎉🎉🎉

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Thanks Rose :)

Yeah what a surprise...Loved it!

That is just amazing @jongolson, from Hunt to Hive through a confused Unicorn, and then into 3000 Hive Power, well done and thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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LOL Exactly!

Unicorns were saved!

Every day a Unicorn is saved, a Pixie is born ;) Congratulations on your big HIVE power up. Even though I am sure it was a crazy ride, at least you definitely had something to show for it! Keep up your awesomeness! 👍🙂💚

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Just got mine. Still struggling to get the transaction fee to move mine to binance 🤧

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lol man, it took me like 48 hours...dropped transactions, spending a small fortune in ETH Gas fees....What a mess!

Hope you get them out!

Ha, that's awesome. Yeah, my first thousand dollars in crypto was because I spent time earning about a hundred dollars in bitcoin from faucets a few years ago. Then when Bitcoin was blowing up in price, I realized that I had about 1500 dollars in gloriously wonderful crypto-money. I started actually using my crypto when my Bitcoin went back down to 1000, but yeah, there's serious earning available in crypto. I'm starting to accumulate it for my future...

That's the ticket to me...Jumping into things, and seeing where they go!

Who knows where this crypto stuff will end up, but for now, I'm in accumulation mode for the near future LOL

Yeah, I keep finding these new tokens showing up in my Hive Engine (another one mysteriously appeared today). I just keep staking them and letting them accumulate. Hopefully, one or two of them will take off at some point (I can always dream).

I also heard about another new initiative yesterday that I am looking into called Disco Hedge (DHEDGE token). I'm working on getting into that one, too. I hope I can keep track of where all of my crypto is going. 😲

Yeah it's pretty exciting, as long as we never spend a dime we cannot afford to lose, let this stuff play out and see where it goes :)

It must be nice.Seems like everybody got some UNI. It was actually painful to go on crypto twitter this week with all the posts. 😂

Nice that hunt netted some of our community with free money. I don't defi or use eth if possible but that was a great result for selling off some tiny value hunt tokens. Congrats.

Blind luck for me...I dunno what that Uniswap stuff is, wrapped anything, DeFi....None of it, I have no idea LOL

But just trading those HUNT tokens about 2 months ago, paid off LOL

Can’t believe UNI passed $8 today. What an airdrop.

I too only started using Uniswap for HUNT (but after seeing the price of that lately I certainly regret not waiting a bit longer). Crazy times in crypto, feels a lot like the 2017 days. Gotta love it!

Mind blowing how it all went down...Just glad to get extra crypto to flip into HIVE...No idea how UNI will turn out but if it moons...Bonus lol

What a great story man. Very well written! BTW it's worth saving unicorns...lol

Thanks a lot for supporting the @ctpsb project !

Ha ha ha ha Unicorns play a major part it seems LOL

Even not so long ago I saw someone complaining that these "small tokens" worth nothing and just sold it all I recall...
I just hope that person got this as you got and now they are thinking a bit different now...
It feels good to see someone from our "family" winning :)
Learn as you go, poke around and accumulate!
These are the real 3 steps of success in the cryptosphere!

you never know...

I'm not saying any of the 1 cent things will moon like this, but it pays to take chances, poke around and try new things...not a penny out of pocket in my case!

Very nice! It pays to be patient too and not always sell sell sell. What's the word of the day? Accumulate? :D

It's magical!

It truly is :)

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