It's Crypto Mondays - With Special Guest @raymondspeaks

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What a treat tonight :)

Honored to welcome @raymondspeaks from @brofund to the show to talk about all the exciting things happening in the Hive-Engine and Hive ecosystem!

This was a ton of fun and we hope you guys really enjoyed the show, and thanks again to Raymond and the entire BRO Fund community for their support of what we are building at CTP!

Tonight we also had a little giveaway too...

Congrats to the winners:

@fiberfrau won the Grand Prize of 5000 Hive Power delegation and a surprise bonus of 30 BRO tokens from Raymond :)

@myfreebtc won the Second Prize of a Yodin Zaku card from @splinterlands and an awesome 20 BRO from Raymond as well!

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It was nice to meet @raymondspeaks from @brofund in the show! I have somehow missed the BRO community, but I will definitely take a closer look...

Raymond gave some great nuggets! Good luck with all your projects, guys!

It's one of the coolest projects out there....Just makes so much sense!

Was looking forward to this one from the tweet last night! Thanks for the great conversation and going to have to load up on some more tokens assuming there's some left after Blaine bought them all up haha!

Speaking of gamification, I am going to post up the CTP unofficial ranks based on staked CTP tokens shortly to help you give a little more motivation to the folks you are onboarding - feel free to rip in to them or give feedback haha! Don't know if it's possible to code in badges like what Hivebuzz do for minnow/dolphin/orca/whale etc but just a bit of fun anyway!

Wish I could have tuned in live, looks like it was great fun and well done to the BRO winners!

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Oh man, that would be awesome!

Yeah we have plans to include it all into our back end members area...Just on the timeline and list of things to build this year LOL

Lol! Yeah as if you haven't got enough to do already! Keep smashing it folks! Should have the post up tomorrow for you!

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Awesome man, looking forward to it!

I am so excited every time I upvote someone now with my amazing new powers!

Thanks for your support, glad that you won :)

Nice show. It sucks that you had to buy your stake twice and I wasn't around when in the Steem days so I only heard stories.

Congratulations to the winners. Is it fine to delegate my WORKERBEE to @ph1102 's pool now that the giveaway is over? I'd prefer consistent returns over nothing at this point lol.

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Absolutely. Zoltan's witness is a must vote :) And he's got the vote coming to us too, win win!

Is that his real name? I didn't know that but I'll degelate the WORKERBEE over to him when I get time (may wait till weekends but I still voted for you so it's all good).

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@jongolson and @blainjones! Great show tonight and congratulations to @fiberfrau and @myfreebtc! Raymond was an excellent guest! Thank you for answering my questions!

Thanks for coming by man, appreciate it!

That was very inspiring! Thanks a lot for the recording. Can't help to be super excited about the future of this platform :-)

A lot of fun last night...Hope people found it valuable!

My guy made a smart play years back buying all those miners ;)

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He said it best....He was looking one way, while everyone else was looking that way. Brilliant move.

Not aware the we are burning the Hive with DHF.
Yeah Hive-engine is really giving a new dimension to Hive. CTP has all prospects to be leader in HE.

Yup, check the proposal by @smooth for more information about it.

I’ll have to watch this tomorrow morning on the treadmill.

@dkid14 are you getting credit through actifit?

I need to download actifit again.

@dkid14 How are you doing?

ha ha ha ha ah ah kinda like me with the whitepaper today lol

Love when you have guests on the show! Feels like your building a solid network with alot of people on Hive and that's gonna be useful :D

Thank you kindly :)

Yeah that's the goal for sure...It's not the flashiest way of doing things, but we feel it's the right way. Build it up by growing relationships and helping everyone we can!

This is why I think many people are so behind the CTP project, because of genuinely wanting to help people and grow each day

Appreciate that!

It's the goal for sure. Truly believe when everyone wins here, we all rise together!

Yeah I mean people could win by there own, but it's more fun to share growth and experiences :)

I got to see two videos with Raymond this evening. :)

In the other one he had some issues with the sound connection or something like that, but Task and Khal compensated.

What was the new Hive project he recommended here on Crypto Mondays? I couldn't understand very well...

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The UTOPIS project by @chronocrypto

Such a cool concept!

Thanks! I'll check it out.

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Hey @jongolson, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

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