The Road To 10k CTP - It's No Secret...Community Is Still King!

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Did you find the secret word of the day last week?

Make sure you pay attention to this week's f=video and find the secret word...

When you put it into a comment, I'l send ya some HIVE ;)

And of course, upvote your comment!!'

Because you guys ROCK and I appreciate you coming and engaging with me :)

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Hey Jon
I am enjoying ctptalk and I love the support I am getting at the Telegram group
I am still learning how the Hive platform works.
It is a lot to take in.
Life is challenging when you work three jobs. Internet marketing is the third one . I hope to turn it into #1 by winter. The thirty day challenge is awesome. I am sure if I keep showing up I will sort it out.

I think it was Jim Rohn who said...The 'story' that will always sell is how you are making a full time income, working partime...

The offline job will pay the bills, this stuff will line up to make you a fortune...At least we hope :)

Keep crushing it man! Good things coming!

Best way to tell if something's going to be successful is to see the community around it. Can't remember for sure but i think it Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich said it was essential to build your mastermind or community.

you might be right...I read Think & Grow rich years ago...Might be time for a refresher LOL

He he, I was looking forward to the name-mangling bit of the video!

But seriously, the real nugget for me was the bit about how content consumers play an essential role in the Hive community. The beauty of the Hive blockchain is that people can contribute in many different ways, whether through content creation OR content consumption and curation. I like getting lots of upvotes, but I especially appreciate relevant and constructive comments in response to what I have written - and to do that you first need to "consume the content!"

Appreciate everything you do for the community, @jongolson.

That's exactly it. I really believe the consumer side of the blockchain is what will help it grow to new levels.

So important!

I guess I missed the word last week. Maybe because I wasn't paying attention or because it was at the end and I stopped about 95% towards the end.

I am a content consumer so I guess I will take my time to slowly engage and get more consistent. It does help promote the strength of the community though.

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I can't express how valuable content consumers are here...It's arguably one of the most important parts of the community.

Thanks for the mention and talking about your first videos in reply to my comment last week. I'll try to do some videos in May now I feel a little inspired, I'm sure the CTP and Hive community will support as they have done for me in the last 3 years!

Love how you hid the word of the day in plain sight as well 😁

LOL Yeah I thought I'd have some fun....In plain sight, but also hidden in the video lol

Hey, I was actually able to get the video to play this time. That makes me feel really special. It was cool listening to you read the comments from the community. It certainly feels like this place is growing much bigger. After hearing some of those numbers that people are powering up, I don't think I am going to be anywhere in the running!

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It seems like people save up until there is a power up challenge...I could never do that, I power up every day LOL

Yeah, I try to and then I end up just powering it up or converting it to LEO. It is a sickness :)

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I really love how the ctp community has evolved over time. Looking back not even a year, there were maybe 25 people in the CTP ranking. Now we have close to 3 times that. What is more everybody is growing nicely...

Slow and steady!

It's not sexy, and some may overlook CTP because of that fact...But show up everyday, add value...That's the mission!!

I love how you were sneakier than your little community with the word of the day placement :). My excuse for watching the end of the video first is that I knew you were gonna read my comment among the lasts ones :P

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#3Steps....NO excuses ;)


Just kidding. Thanks for the comments, appreciate all the engagement and support.

rules always have exceptions :)))

I had been in a few business opportunities before CTP relaunched almost a couple years ago now. This #community raises the bar very very high. Being a part of it has everything to do with any success I am experiencing. It is what was missing for me anywhere else. This is my 4 Ever Online Home. :-)

I believe CTP is just a by-product of good people taking action...The community is built by you guys...And when you put effort in, it will reward you!

Yes, real effort is truly rewarded here in a big way! Thanks, @jongolson!

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Jon you always make things very interesting. Thank you for your informative & entertaining videos. Still getting to know 3Speak just need to google a bit more lol. Most of all I really appreciate the supportive words, as I need to stop the excuses and just start producing the content. This community is awesome and helps me to improve daily 😀

Check out the training inside both CTP and , we have detailed training on getting set up and using @threespeak

Thank you so much for that, will be up to speed by Monday 😀

Since some talked about vlogging...I'm also a shy person and if it wasn't the support from the community I would never think about doing videos ever!!
We need consumers and makers so the Hivesystem can thrive and grow!
That's why Community is King and Engagement is Queen :)

That's the best part about this blockchain...Community ;)