It's Crypto Mondays - The Passion Episode

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Tonight was a wake up call...

Not only for everyone watching this but also for my own journey on the blockchain!

And as @elianaicgomes stated....We might need to watch this a few times each week to kick our own butts LOL

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Thanks for sharing this great information. We all need to be reminded and get a good kick in the butt!!!

Always good to get a kick in the butt...Even if we are the ones doing it to ourselves LOL

I don't know if everything pulled out but I do enjoy the commenting (maintained for like 2-3 months so far). But I do think I might dial it down a bit to give myself some more time to myself away from the computer.

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Sometimes it's good to slow down and take a break...That being said, I'll sleep when I'm dead LOLOLOL

Not the best advice, I know lol

On Hive you can be yourself!

Man this is such a nugget and I think that is why I got hooked in the first place.

Yeah no pressure to try to put a filter on my selfies here LOL

while I agree that people should think long term with their coins, I don't think people selling and buying on hive engine is a bad thing, volume and activity correlate in my opinion, the more people sell and buy the more activity there is on chain

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that's a fair point, i would much rather people have long term vision tho. the volume can be tricky as we need more people in the ecosystem

no plan B

Maybe that's what people need more of. To stop treating crypto as a hobby.

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That's me now...No looking back LOL

Congragulation great information for incoming days