Thursday Night Live - Are You Really...All In?

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You hear it all the time...

I'm ALL IN on this opportunity!

I'm ALL IN on this blockchain!!

I'm ALL IN on what I'm building...

But tonight was asked the question...


Because when you have no 'plan b', being ALL IN takes a whole new meaning...

Let's talk shop :)

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Nice, When you do not have plan B then you can't quit. You have to fight, adapt and survive.

Exactly...Just moving forward and adapting no matter what!!

Watched the replay on FB Jon you nailed it bro @jongolson i have no plan B either it is what it is have a blessed weekend

Thanks man, appreciate you watching the show :)

And thanks for the comments!

Your welcome bro it is on a bit late for me in the UK to make it to the lives every time but i always try and catch the replays keep it up bro love what you peeps are doing here @jongolson

Thanks for the recordings... There is an elephant in the room, and it's getting more and more visible...

As it always happens in developing stuff, there is a point when change is innevitable... We are closing to that point... People who don't want to make a step forward are pulling back people that want...


Need to stay uncomfortable!! That's the only way we grow.

Nice show and very good points. I believe that it's very risky to go all in. Especially for people who don't really know what awaits them. But people can go half in and dedicate some time and energy to build their online business next to their jobs. When they see that their online activity generates enough cash and they see that they like what they are doing, then I believe it's the moment to go all in...

I didn't have a choice...And still don't LOL So for me, going all in what a complete lifestyle change and focus on building my business.

But thinking back, I was super stubborn about it all...And might now have always been the best decision LOL

damn i don't have the money

and my passion is politics

That's a winning combination!!!!

And I support Paypal!

Oh man....3 for 3!!!!!

And I love Justin Sun!

Bam....You are batting 100 right now!