The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Better Results Are Here!!

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Apologies once again for last weeks AWFUL audio...

This week we should be back to normal :)

And this week we discuss how to get better results with EVERYTHING you do in your journey here on the blockchain!

You won't wanna miss this episode...And oh yeah, be sure to find the secret word of the day for some free Hive into your wallet ;)

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While I didn't jump in on the 3StepsNoExcusses challenge myself (YET) I've followed a long with many that have and watch them progress with interaction and dropping a few upvotes their way.

I believe these are the types of people we want around here in Hive and building amazing communities such as CTP that rewards those for taking action and stepping up to the plate. Those that care to invest the time no matter how little or small it is they have shown passion and a willingness to start and that is the biggest key TO START!

Results come from taking action, engagement and doing. You can read all day long but until you take action on the knowledge and what you just read nothing will happen. Keep up the good work CTP team.

Appreciated man, yeah anytime...The challenge is up for anyone that wants to take part :)

And that's the key for sure...All the info is useless unless we do something with it!

Dear @jongolson
Can we use ctp tag in our Actifit posts?

unfortunately because of abuse we had to remove the actifit tag from ctp.

I may do the 3StepsNoExcuse Challenge in the future as I think it would help me stay a little bit more consistent with posts. However I just can't seem to bring myself away from being a consumer of content. I plan on slowly making more posts normally then do the Challenge so I don't find myself skipping a day in the middle.

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ha ha ha It's all good. I remember a few years ago a prominent member of the blockchain community said just that...We need more content consumers!

The fact you are engaged with that aspect of the blockchain, I cannot thank you enough!

I also find vlogging much more better than posting because you don't really have to edit haha

LOL True...That's why I love the live streams too LOLOL No filter or editing needed!!

We even had double echo Olson, last week!

Thanks a lot for the shout out for the CTP Power up Challenge run by @ctpsb. We have already 17 participants so far. I'm looking forward at what kind of Results we will get this time ;-)

That is amazing...We had a little hiccup yesterday with someone who powered up a minute before they discovered the challenge lol They powered up like 7000 CTP or something too.

They can just write it in the comment to the post and I will go back before they powered up. No worries ;-)

Yep, that was me. Was trying to figure out about staking and delegation in the CTP telegram room. I had just a little over 7900 CTP Tokens staked with 10,900K plus not staked. I then just staked it all. So now I have 18,862.291 CTP Tokens staked. I then delegated 5000. @achim03 if you let me what I need to do, I'll get her done. I'm also following you now. And a big thank you to @jongolson for always watching out and taking care of his members/friends.

Hi, I added you as Entry 20 with 7919 CTP staked (before you powered up). Just make sure to follow the challenge on @ctpsb to see how you are ranked in the coming days ;-). This amount is quite impressive and might give you a nice rank :-)

Mic is much improved this week 😜 haha

I wish I had the confidence to do videos like you, achim and others do but being an introvert, I prefer the writing method and commenting. It's still just as important to show up each day in whatever format you prefer though, I think if I didn't turn up in some shape, I wouldn't have had the results I am seeing now with the increased CTP tokens, even since last week!

I was speaking to Achim and CTPSB when he launched the staking challenge and have 3x my CTP stake since end of February just by turning up and being consistent (from about 1,600 to nearly 4,500)!

Keep up the motivational videos, it inspires!

That truly is remarkable man!

So well done!!!

It's literally, stick yourself in front of the camera...KNOW that you are going to suck at first lol And then just keep creating...I've seen lots of people inside of CTP really grow from that approach.

It's scary but it works :)

Haha, you make it sound so easy. I was talking with @mipiano (aka bropiano) about putting some music production videos together - or how I make the tunes in my music software which could be something I can do in May... just have to conquer those inner demons 😄

Thanks man, appreciate the pep talk!

Waiting for those sound production videos Brother of other Havey, you will conquer your inner demons!! If I can say every week Hive Open Mic week ... I am mipiano 🤣 then you will rock Nicky.

Hm, should I really say once brotiano in the beginning of my videos? 🤔

P.S. Again in lag with responding to the comments, they will come, I just have to finish my post for today 😇

Hahaha, if you say brotiano in your videos that would be amazing! Full support from me 😄

I'll check your post out, I don't know how we are doing this week with our score?

I am not doing so great hahaha, missed some days, but now I am writing... 🎶🎶
Nicky wins :)

Over the last couple of weeks, life was a bit on the hectic side for me and I have clearly missed out on many things. As I popped in some times I started seeing more and more posts about #3StepsNoExcuses...

Now that things are settling down and slowly getting back to normal, I think I should check it out...It can only help me to get those #results I'm after...

Appreciate ya man!

Anytime you are ready to jump back in, let us know :)

We're here to support!!

Thanks for the tip!!

When you see those sweet results...💥 It can be tough to persevere when you're putting in the effort without much to show for it but that's where the community support can make a big difference.


Yeah this community truly does lift each other up...Haven't seen any drama yet in almost 2 years of CTP content LOL

CTP is a promising project
you are doing good by accumulating tokens

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Over 10 years online and still gong strong :)

Hey Jon, the "name mangling" is always amusing! You actually got it right this time - "hiro-" = "hi" as in "hit" and "ro" as in "rock"! "Hiro" is short for "Hiroshima," so "hirohurl" = "Hurley in Hiroshima."

For me two of the best results of the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge have been (1) strengthening existing relationships and (2) creating new relationships. It's been good to see so many "new" people getting actively involved with CTPTalk through the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Awesome to hear that man and thanks for the description of the name LOL

Since you're curious about pronouncing my user name it's cm ( the initials of my first account on the hive blockchain, a bit of a long story, maybe I should write a post about it ? ) and memes, the normal word. Literally meaning memes by cm.
Also it's good to see the results of the improved audio :P

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hahaha thank you kindly, yeah I just needed to kick the mic!

I love the Challenge and look forward to learning more. your platform rocks

Thank you sir! Appreciate the comments very much!

I actually didn't post my results on the day you posted this...I shamelessly took the day off after this crazy adventure of the #3StepsNoExcuses!

But what I can say is just in CTP Tokens I earned about 2300 CTP only on the 30 posts I created with the challenge! Plus other tokens!

It is amazing how this is so rewarding in so many ways just by simply share your journey with others and talk to each other!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Everyone that took action on this challenge, seems to have earned a boat load of tokens across the blockchain....Holy nugget Batman!!!!