Thursday Night Live - Where Do You Invest Your Time?

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Broken record time...

You need to be building your brand when you try to build businesses online...

And we're told, we need to be in the social media platforms to do it...

But should we focus on traditional platforms, or what we are building on Hive?

Tonight we discuss this topic and so many others.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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Thanks for the recording. I've watched the social dilemma as well. I knew most of it but not the extend of it. I need to show this movie to my teenaged

Eye opening for sure. And another reason why we need to build here lol

Thanks for the recordings, Jon...

Don't want to sound negative, but I think it's time to move on... Speaking for myself of course... It is great that we want to help "sideliners" to start working... Investing OUR TIME in them calling them for action is also OK, as a long term plan... But, everything has its limits...

Broken record work is OK, for some time... but when someone is nodding affirmatively with head, but still glued to the sofa, it's time to let it go... and focus on people that are active and support them more...


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Great point man...I used to say in my webinars, I know that 99% of the people dont show up and dont take action...And I need to worry about the 1% that do.

Great reminder sir!

The problem is when you have members who do show up, just because of "showing up"... But, that's another story...

I wish I could attend the webinars more often but life is what it is. Personally, I have NO focus on traditional platforms other than Twitter (a little bit). I never found them that useful but I have found out from the CTP training that I really wasn't using them right. When Facebook banned me from advertising for too much text in an image' of a book cover (which according to their rules doesn't have a limit), I really lost interest. So the hive has been a God send for me. Thank you @jongolson and @blainjones.

Nice info about the Nodes.
Maintenance and new code push will require some downtime or disruptions.

I have pronounced it as "peaked" is it peak-d? haha. The nodes have been a good learning experience.

LOL I still don't know what it is officially....Just been doing Peak D forever now lol

You are competing with big guys on centralized social media. You think you are not competing, you are actually competing for attention. Those bigs guys are not on decentralized platforms. And that's our opportunity to build the brand here.

Yup, and I know my role...And not even trying to compete with anyone but myself :)