Thursday Night Live - Effort Over Everything!

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It's pretty much a done deal, but I have to say it...

If you aren't following @theycallmedan you should really try it out! It's kinda good for your journey here on Hive!

He dropped a bomb today on Twitter that just had me smiling from ear to ear :0

This....Gave me something to talk about in tonight's webinar, and I hope you enjoy the show :)

We need to put in the effort....To become top of mind! As entrepreneurs, it's VITAL to our success...

Check out the show to dive deeper into this :)

Note: This post's beneficiary is @russellstockley because Russell is AWESOME and represents everything that the CTP Tribe is about!

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Man great video. Your idea about the beneficiary made me thinking and I came up with a very complicated construct... lol

I tried to write everything down and realized that it's way too complicated to write down in a couple of lines.... It would imply a big account that belongs to the community (as a tokenized asset). This account would be used to upvote the content of the community. People would put this account as beneficiary and everybody would profit from it. We might soon have a community whale account... If it seems interesting to you just tell me and I would try to order my thoughts and present the idea in a somewhat understandable way :-)

This is something to think about, yes maybe it would work.

lol i fee the pain. lots going on in my mind hard to get it into practice lol

let me know man. we were going to work to build a delegation account but haven’t done it yet. anything to help CTP and Hive were all game for.

I will try to write the concept down and send you the idea ASAP.

Thanks for the multiple mentions in the show, I appreciate it... and special thanks to @pixiepost for buying a raffle ticket for me in the giveaway... I almost won! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Anyways, I felt a bit called-out with this critique topic, as I know to rant a bit in my vlogs about certain practices... But, trying to do that subtle as I really want that everyone grows here... I will try to pay more attention to not doing that too much...

Also, when I see a lot of people taking the effort in the content creation on one side, and on the other side people that try to "cheat the system" it hurts... And I have to speak up... lol...

Anyways, all this isn't about me, it's about the community effort, and it is the beautiful thing that is happening in the CTP Swarm... Everyone is helping in his own way to push and help others... Beneficiary rewards are one of the ways, but there are a lot of other ways and that's awesome!

Thanks for the recording... You know that you will have at least 1 viewer that you can count on... lol...

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ha ha ha ha appreciate you man!

Oh by no means, I'm not saying critiquing is wrong, but you take action. You are out there, in the trenches....It's different when it's someone saying what you are doing is wrong, meanwhile for years they havent done a thing to improve themselves.

That's my issue.

If we wanna rant, let's make sure we got skin in the game...Like you do :)

Congrats @russellstockley for getting the BR.
Great tweet by @theycallmedan.
#effort is important, without #effort you get nowhere,
it'll be only wishful thinking.

thanks man. completely agree. effort is everything for sure.

Well, I couldn't agree more with following 'theycallmedan'. If for no other reason than he was one of the serious heroes of the revolution on that other chain.

His recent post on the utility of Hive was EPIC. He really got a lot of great discussion going around the community and the chain.

oh he’s a must follow for sure. anytime you feel a little down about your journey on hive watch one of his videos. it’ll get you fired up again.

Good show @jongolson. Always enjoy your little "brain food" shares.

thanks man. great to hear from you too!!

Hi Jon - Thanks for making me the beneficiary , that's a great initiative

Really good show again tonight, and lots to talk about.
We should be promoting more and more until the only platform people are wanting to be on id HIVE, and CTP Talk

I really am impressed at the quality of content and the community is sort of self policing in that those that post negative comments and or posts of little value, get little value and the community sees to that :)
I am not talking about down voting but more about how people just ignore the posts that have nothing to offer

and those that do have value to offere , shine.

Being ignored by the so called Whales of HIVE is no Biggy, their egos are bigger than their hearts and in the long run they damage their own reputations by not engaging - and those that do things for the right reasons are the ones that get noticed with the 'Real' people

Yay congratulations Russ! You totally deserve it :) 💛 As you were.... ;)

Thanks man, I think there are amazing people on Hive and I was actually talking to my wife about this tonight...

I need to 'be the change' I wanna see...So if I wanna see more engagement on CTP, I need to reach out and do more for the entire blockchain. I think the Dolphin Dreamin' campaign is to get people supporting each other and work together to build each other up!

This truly was a great webinar last night, so full of passion & the motivation we all needed. And dang it, @ph1102 almost won!! LOLOL (Congrats to the winners, though! :) )

The E for effort is a super important concept, especially for when content creators are starting out. The hardest step is getting started & any time I personally face something new, I know I definitely struggle with that. But once that step is taken, it gets easier as I go forward. :)

I do have to agree with Zoltan about the division that sometimes can occur with creators - ones who really put in that effort & create valuable content & then others that just want to take the easy route. It's hard to support people like that so it can be a blurred line at times. The more we support ones who are making a TRUE effort, their path will become brighter & it will be better for the community as a whole.

Thanks for the awesomeness, Jon! Keep protecting those Unicorns & I got your back on the Raptors ;)

I think generally, the CTP swarm does the best they can. And sometimes our creators aren't Pulitzer Prize winning authors...That's ok. We're here to encourage them and help them get better.

I'm always pumped to see someone get their wings and really take off. But it doesn't happen if we're tearing them down before they even leave the nest.

Thanks Jenn, appreciate the comments very much!

Great show as always... I'm always blown away by the sheer value and great inspiration shared. 👍

Thanks man, appreciate that!

It's easy when you are passionate and love what you do :)

Great show Jon, and yeah if we put in the effort we learn as we go and improve ourselves and build our network and our Hive Power, and congrats to Russell for being beneficiary.

Yeah man, all this stuff we can learn as we go...I think it's very important to support the community, even if we make mistakes along the way!

You practice what you preach.

Thank you very much for the tip :)

I mean, I think if we all put in the effort and worry about 'learning' as we go, great things can happen!!

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