It's Crypto Mondays....Big News Coming For

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Are you not excited for what's taking place on the blockchain?

As entrepreneurs....We are on cloud 9!

And we've been busy over the past few weeks... first.... next.....

And now it's time to blow the roof off it all with a brand new version of

We're tearing it all down and rebuilding our front end from the ground up!

This will be getting away from the old condenser we've been using since we launched and allow us to develop CTP Talk (and the CTP Token) into what we originally wanted it to...

Get ready :)

We'll be launching in the next week or two.

We hope you love it!

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Oh man I'm looking forward so much to the new front-end... probably built in php??? This will be another game changer for the community...

I'm just throwing some ideas what you could to and probably you are planning on most of it :-)

  • Personal page (LCP) with integrated opt-in form
  • integrate banners
  • add personal shops for digital goods with hivepay
  • pay wall for content with hivepay
  • fast onboarding
  • ...

With your own front-end there are hardly any limits... This is pretty exciting :-). I'm going to delegate more HIVE to CTPSB to earn more CTP tokens LOL

Great suggestions, @achim03 !

Yup, the biggest thing is...We aren't limited anymore.

We can add whatever we like :)

Great ideas too!

Thanks for a great show @jongolson and @blainjones, and wow this was a lot of great news, having our own interface for CTPtalk will just be fantastic, and great advice with the 500 comments, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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That's all @taskmaster4450 's advice but I think it's brilliant. Would love to see more people take action on that :)

Amen! I know I have done over 500 comments by now in my blockchain journey & it truly does change things for the better. You get noticed more, you build relationships & grow your brand. Very wise advice! :)

Best of luck to the upcoming CTP interface, too! Sounds awesome! :) Keep up the great work! 👍🙂💚

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

There's definitely some great stuff happening! The idea of a fresh condenser is essential; it creates a unique identity that sets a community apart from being "just another Hive clone." I think a large part of LeoFinance's success can be tracked back to their efforts to differentiate and create their own image. Excited to see that potential here!

So true. They led the charge for sure. Need to stick out from the crowd or else it gets really noisy!

Excited to see the new interface...
Keep doing good work team...

Thank you kindly, it's coming soon :)

I'm actually going to watch this recording a couple of times...

I still have a lot to learn. I knew that all along, but every day I discover something new and realize how much more there is to learn!

The best part is...I'm often scratching my head, thinking about how I am going to get my head around all this crypto stuff...and then you drop a bomb like "go do 500 comments on other people's posts"... Wow, I think I can do

I'm fascinated and excited about the cryptocurrency side of things. But I think we need to remind ourselves not to neglect the writing comments...

Thank you for these reminders and thank you to both Jon and Blain for all your hard work and support!

Yup, it's so powerful!

Especially here on this blockchain. It helps get your name out there , build relationships but also...You learn more while poking around :)

Seems that everyone who really cares about their community is dumping the condenser clone. Great decision! Certainly one that will give you the liberty to build as you wish.

yeah man, had enough of it. time to grow

Having a new front end of ctp will be great. I love the community. Also, I was unable to view the video from my end

Weird, should have shown up....Might be an issue. I'd try to refresh and give it a few minutes :)

Thanks for the comment!!

I will..thanks for this swift reply.. I appreciate

It will be interesting to see the all new CTP home page site. With the speeds you guys are talking about will be great! The index token is doing well as well lots of buzz about around Hive. Lots to watch in tonight's show

It looks...Really good ;)

We think people will really enjoy it!

Don't sell your CTP. CTP Miners.

I am getting confused between CTPSB and CTPM.. lot of option to buy within CTP.😀

ha ha ha ha

HODL it all ;)

Ya , holding it all, confusion is what to buy next...
Everything look awesome. Thanks

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