Thursday Night Live - Top 5 Books For Entrepreneurs

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There was an awesome answer to today's question in @ctpchat

It was suggested by @mjlipsey3018 that one of the first things entrepreneurs should do is find a mentor and work with them. And I agree 100%...Problem is, for a lot of people, a mentor isn't in their budget when they first begin.

So what's the next best solution to finding a mentor?

Read a lot of books ;)

For about 20 bucks, you can be mentored by thought leaders in any field you could dream of...And I decided to go over my top 5...Must read books...For entrepreneurs, new and experienced!

Let me know what you are reading in the comments below...I'll be picking one person with the best comment to send them one of the top 5 books I mentioned in the video!

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Wayne Allen Root has great books on persistence and motivation: "Trump Rules" is his latest book. It's about business, not politics. About thinking big and never giving up. After I finish my current book "The Road to Serfdom" by F.A. Hayek, I am reading Root's "The Power of Relentless"

Always a wealth of good recommendations, thank you!!


I am currently reading a book titled "The Greatest Salesman In the World"..the book was written by "Og Mandino"...

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Absolutely love that book. Fantastic lesson and one I'll remember my entire life.

Why 20 bucks for books? laughs in pirate :)

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LOL I mean....An average lol You should see the prices in Canada.

Today was a book review but I don't know if I want to read much of them anymore. As much as I hate to say it, the internet has tons of stuff and its for free lol.

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Hey, whatever floats your boat LOL

I never heard of Customer Satisfaction is Worthless. Will go check it out.

Looking forward to the secret project coming soon!

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Yeah I mean, The Sales Bible is Gitomer's most popular book...But that one was my favorite for sure!

Interesting... i've never head of that one either. Will check it out at the library. Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for commenting, hope it was of value!

If I could only take ONE book to a desert island while shipwrecked with other people, it would be The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I haven't read that one, but the two books I've read that has stayed with me the longest are Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Robert Kiyosaki and The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason.

These should be handed out in schools to prepare young minds for the future ahead. Thanks for making this video, I watched it from beginning to end and keep on creating great content!

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Hi Jon,

I missed the live stream and watched the recording during my lunch break. Great topic - wish I'd been there to throw in some comments, especially when you revealed the 5th choice, one of my favourite books too: 48 Laws of Power. Next time I'm attending a live session, give me any random number between 1 and 48 and I'll see if I can remember the Law, and the person Greene uses as an example.

Right now I'm reading a history book, Out in the Midday Sun: The British in Malaya, 1880-1960. My father was there as a Royal Engineer in the 1950s and I hope to go one day...

Apart from that, I'm about half way through the audio version of Top of Mind.

Thanks for sharing your top 5 books for entrepreneurs. I just finished reading The Present and just started Who Moved My Cheese? both by Spencer Johnson. Both are quick reads and thought provoking. If you haven't yet read them you may want to give them a shot.