It's Crypto Mondays - The Week That Was...

in The CTP Swarmlast month

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What a crazy 7 days....

And we go over it all...

  • Record week on the markets for the CTP Token
  • We brought on a new team member for the CTP family!
  • The AMAZING community that is @LeoFinance

And so much more!

We hope you enjoy the show :)

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Great tips. Writing it down and posting about it is a great idea and perfect way to keep yourself accountable. Right now I've been focusing on daily hive stuff and trying to build up as much as I can by the first of the year. Setting some serious hive goals for 2021 based on where I end the year.

Believing in the community and protocol is so important. We have the usecase, we have a great protocol, we're seeing everything get built up now around us. It really is just about commiting and showing up everyday.

When you mentioned make a game out of it, one of the best tips I read on Twitter when I first started trading was CryptoCobain saying, "Trade crypto like a video game and your BTC balance is the high score"

It works for HIVE or any other project too.

ha ha ha that's awesome! gamify your entire crypto experience!

Thanks for the comments man, appreciate it!

Writing down your goals is very powerful and I believe it's even more powerful when you share them on the blockchain. It also helps the others to know what you want to reach and subconsciously they will try to help you reach them.

It really is..And a great way to put it out there so that others see your growth...Might inspire them as well!

Good last week for CTP. Let our CTP run continues.

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To the moon!!!!!! Let's go! :)

Creating and writing down goals is a must for everyone who wants to reach some goals in life, in business... Making them public is one more step that makes them even more "REAL"!

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So true...Part of the journey as well...Such a motivator when you see these goals start to be reached!

Good stuff. Congrats on the new team members.

Thanks man, appreciate that!

Proud of you, Jongo. #HiveDaddy status will be yours in a few months.

Caught the replay on FB @jongolson great job buddy keep it up mate