Thursday Night Live - Stock & Flow Meets Active & Passive

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We have spoken a lot in the past about the importance of both stock and flow content...

We cannot get to create our stock content, until we go through the motions with our daily flow content.

And tonight we argue...You cannot get to your passive income, until you build up your active income.

This is so true in building online businesses and we share with viewers 3 tips to help them build up the active, that can transform into the passive.

Hope you enjoy the show :)

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Thanks for going over the stock and flow content concepts. The more I hear it the more I get it. So what becomes your stock content is what gets you the passive income over time. And the flow content gets you known, liked and trusted. But consistency is the key for all of it.

I like that you stated "Show up everyday with a long term vision" I am doing halfway decent with the commenting and curation. I just need to improve the quality and number of my creation.

Comment, Create and Curate. I obviously do the first and third one a lot but not really the 2nd one as much.

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I can understand that when markets are turning red, the fascination seems to ebb out but that's when it's interesting to be active on the blockchain. It's on these days that ctpsb has always high voting power and it's the same for all the other curators. Being active when things are not too exciting,that's when you make nice post rewards!

the vid doesn't work for me. Anyway by stock content do you mean evergreen content ?

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