Get Ready For Crypto Mondays With Taskmaster4450

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So much excitement these days on Hive and more specifically Hive-Engine...

It's been almost a week now since we launched the INDEX Token and it's been an absolute blast to watch! In about 24 hours from now the curation rewards will start trickling in which should get people very happy when it comes to the dividend payments...

Heck it's already started with a few tokens within the INDEX:


Obviously, this is just getting started and will grow by leaps and bounds over time...But it's still so cool to see :)

And for our '1 week' anniversary, we've got something planned for Monday night's live stream...

We are going to be joined by one of, if not the, top content creator of the blockchain...


Pretty excited to have him on our show tomorrow night and we're looking forward to diving into quite a few topics...

This is a live stream you won't want to miss!

Here's how you can join in the fun:

Facebook - I know, I know...It's the evil empire! But you have to remember, we're an online business trying to bring people TO the blockchain. They are still very comfortable on it and it's where we get the most engagement!

Twitter / Periscope - Always fun to tap into the #HiveTwitter movement and community ;)

Vimm - And of course, we'll stream on the blockchain as well!

If you can't miss the session, not to worry...Crypto Mondays are always uploaded for your viewing pleasure on @threespeak as well.

Make sure you book an hour to hang out with us!!

We get started at 8pm eastern, in all those platforms listed above.

Bring your questions and comments, and let's have a fantastic start to the work week :)

See you tomorrow night!!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

Our Community On Hive




I would like to hear it but I'm based in Europe, so that time is not for me, unfortunately.

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Yup, we'll make sure the recording is up on 3speak tonight too for those that can't make it live.

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Thank you, that's a great help!

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Cool, Taskmaster at Crypto Mondays! Looking forward for the recording... I missed out lots of news! First time I read about the index, and I see you've been writing about it a few times... Bought some! :)

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By the way, how will that work, do you regularly publish the composition and weights of the index?

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Awesome man, welcome to the fun!

Yeah we will be updating the site with all the numbers and weights. Obviously, DEC, LEO and SIM has the major holdings and weights right now.

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I hope Jon we will get some nice ideas from task to create some buzz for our CTP token too.
Looks exciting.

Yup for sure :)

Taking a little longer than expected but lol On the radar now :)

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I will be looking forward to it. I never got into CTP but this new index token made me realize of the project.

Awesome to hear that :)

We've ben around for over a decade now, but only a few years on the blockchain!

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Good to know. I will explore more.

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Looking forward to it.

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Can't wait myself :)

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I won't be able to assist the live stream since I will be sleeping them but I'm looking forward for the recording :-). Exciting days for the CTP tribe!

Very much so!!!

Yeah man, the recording will be up when you wake up tomorrow lol

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Great initiative and TM4450 is a true visionary in the space and involved in the financial and cryptocurrency world quite big. Barely can wait to see the show!

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I'm very excited for it all!

Can't wait for tonight!

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Two of my favourite people.

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lol appreciate you man!

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i am waiting for talk this big time!

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Should be a ton of fun!

Looking forward to it :)

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Can't wait


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Looks like a great place for a newbie. Looking forward to it.

it seems we miss out if we don't come by.

Nice post! Much awesome. Inside joke for folks who watched the show tonight.

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