The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - The Art of the Build!

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What a week!!!

So much happening on the blockchain it's hard to keep up :)

We had an awesome 7 days with the launch of:


The community feedback has been AWESOME!

And we're exciting to keep building it up and bringing more people to the Hive eco-system!

Thanks to everyone for their support and massive contributions to making CTP such an awesome community and tribe....

We appreciate you!!!

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Staked the last few tokens I got to still be ahead from you so take the opportunity to come closer while I'm gathering more tokens.
And how you do that? Content creating and engagement!!
Hive Guide will keep enlightening people for a very long time!
Was nice to see @arcange on the comments, they are doing a very good job gamifying Hive, like who doesn't like badges? Speaking of @hivebuzz, they threw a community-driven badge for Hive PUD which you earn a Hive Pud Helper Badge by powering up small accounts besides yours! Thought I could throw this here since the Power Up Day is tomorrow ;)
Support is rewarding!
Thanks for the video and keep up the good work!

Thank you @elianaicgomes

Yeah I saw that HIVE PUD Helper project, that's pretty sweet!

PUD today I think!!!!

Let's see how much we can stock up on!

Great video man, and The Hive Guide is now included in Mobile Cash Formula too, I got 178 subscribers in MCF now.

And as to CTP, I have started to Hive Cost Average them in addition to what I earn from curation, author rewards and miners, I am able to buy 5 Hive worth of CTP every day and for the long term, on most days at least.

I will have it as a goal to continuously keep about 3k CTP liquid for Fireshopping, and then stake the rest, 100k by years end is still a pretty steep goal considering how close it is getting, but I have some ideas, and at 60k staked right now.

Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

That is brilliant man, and something I do as well...Maybe not 5 Hive every day but I'm always trying to stack tokens :)

TheHiveGuide is a great addition to the Hive ecosystem. Referring my mentees to make the most of the lessons. Meanwhile, I'll be glad to make contributions especially with second layer Dapps.

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awesome man. thanks for the support. we hope it helps!

CTP is on fire :)
6.877 CTP staked
901 CTPM staked
Love staking CTP :)
Have a great week all the awesome members.

Awesome stuff :)

So glad to have you onboard!!

Doing @ph1102.ctptrail Road To 10K just to make things a bit more interesting... Cruisin is the long-term goal, and have to keep my back from Blain... lol...

And it is the art of building... and building the community isn't an easy job, but I think that we are moving in the right direction...

People seek attention, engagement, and motivation to stay on the platform, and that requires a big effort... It takes time, but it is very pleasing to see people growing in our CTP Swarm...

Thanks for highlighting awesome people from the community!

I think that's such a valuable lesson...People scream ' community' all the time online...But actually building one, takes a lot!

As you know, this isn't a set it and forget it endeavour...This takes effort and patience!

I think the Hive Guide is great! I must admit that I have not done a lot of promoting it, though. I know people have been talking Hive up a lot on Twitter, but how well do you think it would go over in other social media platforms? Have you had any experience in sharing it on Facebook, IG, Pinterest, Webtalk, or any other social media? If so, are you just using a graphic or creating content that explains what Hive is and how they can benefit from it with a link to the Hive Guide?

I have been using my email list mostly.

And sharing it on Facebook a little. The bulk of the social sharing goes on Twitter though!

Try it out, and see what happens...If you need more graphics created for it, let me know...I can draft something up.

It has been a very busy week on Hive for sure. With wleo and a new game plus everything happening at CTP and the hive guide and I know I am missing some things as well. Great to all the new folks joining CTP. Cannot wait to see what is going to happen this week. Have a great week all

Yessir, never a dull moment here on Hive lol

I have divided my journey to 10K into 10 steps:

Starting with 20 CTP, then 40, 80, 150, 300, 600, 1250, 2500, 5000 and finally 10000 CTP.

I have just passed the 1250 mark and is currently at 1411.589 CTP. That means I am on my way to the 2500 CTP target, then I have 2 more steps to reach the target of 10K.

Thank you so much for the HIVE Guide! It's awesome and I am learning a lot!

thats awesome man....yeah i love hearing about the slow and steady approach...i think it's the right mindset for long term success!

I've been stuck a bit with my CTP progress. I've had to finance the presents that are unlocked by the CTPSB project :-). I didn't expect I needed to get so many presents... It's just amazing!

I'm blown away at it all...The community really stepped up big!

Let's keep building and expanding. We have some of the awesome members here.

no doubt about it...some of the best on the blockchain for sure!

Oh Bro, just found your vlog today and your comments about me made me blush and feel proud. It's cool to know your work is appreciated and your feedback is priceless.
Thank you! 🙇