It's Crypto Mondays - The Launch!

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We kinda put ourselves in a pickle last week LOL

We promised a launch...And while everything is not 100%, we tried to deliver :)

The Hive Guide is here!

And we talk about it in tonight's webinar....Plus detail the big goal of everything we're trying to do at not only Hive but also within @clicktrackprofit

We hope you guys enjoy it!!


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Great show once again

Great Tool shop that has been launched

Thanks for all you do, even if you do make @blainjones ears twitch :)

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ha it keeps him on his toes lol

I will take a look on it later but it look nice to me that you do not have to "login" in blockchain(Hive) to understand it.

Yeah figured it would be better to get people understanding things before confusing them to no end with account keys LOLOL

Why was Blain so red in the webinar? :) hehehehe...

Great show as always! I didn't make it to watch it live, but I did watch recording on the beach... :)

I have very nice memories about SteemSavvy and it helped me a lot when I was starting with the old blockchain, and I have no doubts that The Hive Guide will be useful for newcomers! Great job!

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Yeah we'll be adding CTP badges to it in the next day or so too ;)

Going to integrate it much more into @clicktrackprofit this time around.

Great video. I'm already going through the lessons :-). Thanks a lot for setting @ctpsb as beneficiary of this post!

for sure...going to be adding another lesson in the guide too...pointing people to ctpsb ;)

That would be fantastic :-)

Thanks Jon & Blain great job on the Hive guide this will help a lot thank you was a little lost before now i feel as if i am understanding it all much better

Thanks man, glad you enjoy it. Hope it helps a ton!

As our friend Seth Godin says "Ship it then fix it."

Looks like you have another monster hit on your hands, and probably the best rookie product on the chain. Your previous one certainly was...

Yeah it'll need a few fixes, we were just so focused on getting it launched yesterday lol

Ship then fix!!!!

The Crypto Monday is at 2am in my time @jongolson, none the less I got it I got it on #3Speak and believe to be one of the very first to have seen ALL the videos 'in there'...

Oh I upload all my vids to 3speak, I'm very loyal to them :)

Guessed that @jongolson but I had NO IDEA on #3Speak before seeing the entire bunch of the The Hive Guide Videos.

Can’t wait until I have time to watch these videos

Videos are always done in bite sized chunks, 4-5 minutes roughly each. Too much Jon is bad for your ears lol

Well, not for me. Bit I do have limited time, so I appreciate the less than an hour videos.

A few days ago I listened to an almost 3 hour long leofinance podcast. It was interesting, but the information could have been presented in a bit more compact form. It would probably help increase the number of people listening/watching.

This is really exciting news! Can't wait to check it out!

Thanks man, been a long time coming...Now we just need to smooth it out.

Great job again😀

Thanks Elizabeta!


wow its wonderful video, i am new at CTP and i m eager to learn more here, i cant wait for that

hi, in thehiveguide, for some reason, the link to go to Lesson 3 doesn't show up in Lesson 2 so i cannot continue. alex