It's Crypto Mondays - CTP Token For Commissions?

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We fly under the radar big time ;)

But when we lack for excitement and hype, we make up for when it comes to use case and community passion!

Tonight we talked about CTP Token and how we're seeing more marketing businesses embrace the token...

The launch of a viral mailer tonight with the CTP Token front and center was a huge tip of the hat for this community and the fact that it will be PAYING commissions via CTP Token is even more remarkable...

Just amazing!

Hope you enjoy the show and all the exciting things happening in CTP right now!

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Cool! I was wondering when this is coming... If one looks at the chart of CTP token for the last 30 days, it doesn't have huge swings like other tokens. I'd say, if we ignore the daily fluctuations, it's rather... stable. So, great for paying and receiving commissions. Well done!

Yeah man, so cool to see and thank you for pointing that out. Like to think it's stable and eventually it grows slow and steady. The less big swings the better lol

Every next integration of Fire-Pay is a step forward the mass adoption, not just crypto, but CTP tokens also! And the possibility to EARN commissions and be paid in the CTP tokens (outside the Hive platform) is just awesome!

Great job, Daniel!

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Wait until you see what we've got coming up ;)

Man you have a gift to make us interested in knowing more :-)

When you can use crypto like we use credit cards, you will hardly find anyone who does not accept cryptocurrency. The good news is, the use case is increasing. Thank you @jongolson for sharing this.

Really good point. The easier this becomes for all, more will dive in. Great time to build :)

Interesting and exciting stuff just caught the replay on FB good job @jongolson can't wait till i completely start to understand all this lol tried 3peak yesterday for the first time poking around the platform like you suggested bro

Once you go @threespeak you won't go back :)

It's really great to see the next big piece of the puzzle come into reality, keep up the great work.

Love the show. Everything in it from acknowledgement, inspiration and offers. well blanced.

I finally managed to watch the recording. Thanks a lot for the shout out for the @ctpsb project.

It's great to see adoption of the CTP token outside of hive. For me it's a nobrainer that crypto should be the standard for all kind of affiliate marketing programs. The CTP token is perfect for that: no transaction costs, no middle man. As a programm owner you can actually stake your comissions, follow the curation trail of @ph1102 and earn CTP curation rewards and in the long term, the comissions that you pay don't cost you anything at all!

Excellent webinar and i agree 110% with everything you say. Crypto is the future and i'm super excited to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone of the community for the support and special thanks to you @Jongolson for helping with the launch. The TE and Mailer industry is back on the up after the Paypal cull and nobody can stop us now wha ha ha ha (Evil Laugh lol)